15 Weird, Strange, & Crazy Singapore Laws You’ve Never Heard of

Strange Singapore Laws Tourists Should Know

There are some weird and straight up crazy laws in Singapore that you may not be aware of! While things like jaywalking and littering have become regular fines in the western world, Singapore has taken it to another level. The focus on cleanliness creates a very structured city in an otherwise hectic corner of the world. Yet, as you’ll see, some of these strange Singapore laws will seem borderline absurd for many visitors. From chewing gum to hugging without permission, the laws in Singapore are something every tourist should know before their trip. Let’s review!

15 Weird Singapore Laws You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

1. Not Flushing the Toilet

Yes… Singapore literally has police walking around checking toilets. Is there anyone out there not in favor of this law? This should honestly be more than a fine! Please arrest anyone making public bathrooms more gross than they need to be. 

Singapore Fine: $150

Bathroom Rating

2. Singapore Chewing Gum

Outside of nicotine or medical reasons it’s illegal to buy and sell chewing gum in Singapore. Ill admit we’ve never been big gum people, and there’s really nothing more annoying than someone chomping on it loudly in your ear. So you’ll have to brush your teeth a little more because of the ban on Singapore chewing gum? Big deal.

We are kind of intrigued though. There must be some sort of black market, underground Singapore chewing gum world at work here right? Who’s the Juicy Fruit kingpin? The Doublemint Don of Singapore? We need answers!

Singapore Fine/Penalty: Up to $100,000 or 2 years in prison

Singapore chewing Gum and More Laws

3. Hugging Without Permission

If crazy Singapore laws about chewing didn’t shock you then this next one might. Ever confused when bumping into someone you haven’t seen in awhile? Are you constantly caught between a hug and an awkward handshake? Well in Singapore you’re gonna need to ask our permission before you hug us!

Singapore Fine: Undisclosed Amount

4. Spitting in Public

You’ll start to notice that some of these requirements are things that all people should abide by, and are not just Singapore laws tourists should know. Specifically, many of these weird Singapore laws are geared towards keeping the city clean.

The more you walk around Singapore the more you may start to appreciate it. We can all agree spitting is just a nasty habit, and littering is terrible for the environment. This will definitely make you think twice before you toss a soda can, or hawk a loogie onto the ground! 

Singapore Fine/Penalty: $300-1000

Laws in Singapore

5. Feeding Birds

Maybe in your own country it’s okay to bring some bird feed to the many pigeons in the park. Yet, due to the weird Singapore laws you’ll have to let the birds fend for themselves here! Unfortunately, they can’t become dependent on your charity wonder bread. You’ll have to save the bird food for somewhere else. 

Singapore Fine: $500

Strange Laws of Singapore

6. No Durians

Most public places ban eating, or the sale of durians in Singapore. Why do you ask? Well it’s literally the stinkiest fruit you’ll ever smell! The actual taste may be up for debate depending on who you talk to, but the smell is certainly not. With so many delicious fruits available in Singapore at least you will have plenty to choose from if durians aren’t allowed.

Singapore Fine: $500 

Durian Fruit

7. Eating on Public Transportation

While we’re on the topic of eating out… This is one of those weird Singapore laws that every tourist should know. How many times have you gotten on transit to work with a coffee, bagel, or some other type of snack on the go?

Well with the crazy laws in Singapore you better toss that out before you step on the train! Honestly, we weren’t loving this one until we saw how pristine the Singapore trains were. They seriously must have the cleanest public transportation in the world! 

Singapore Fine: $500 

Singapore Chewing Gum and Other Laws

8. No Fishing

Fishing is another activity that’s not allowed in Singapore. You’ll see signs around the rivers and canals of the city, and if you’re caught it’s punishable by a hefty fine. Still, if you’re dying to fish in Singapore there is designated lakes and reservoirs to cast your line out in.

Singapore Fine: Up to $3,000

No Fishing in Singapore

More Strange & Crazy Singapore Laws

9. Urinating in Elevators

Apparently all elevators in Singapore are stocked with UDD’s (Urine Detection Device). This means if any urine is detected in the elevator, the doors lock automatically, and the perpetrator is stuck till the police arrive. Well obviously we’re in favor of pee detection technology, but the real question is how many people were doing this for it to become an actual issue?

*This also applies to other public places besides actual bathrooms.

Singapore Fine: $1,000

Marina Bay Sands Hotel

10. Smoking Restrictions 

It’s obvious that smoking in public places is coming under scrutiny around the world, but Singapore has taken it to the next level. As you’re walking around the city you’ll actually see yellow boxes painted on the ground that you’re allowed to smoke inside of. If you light up a cig outside of one of those areas be prepared to be hit with a fine! 

Singapore Fine: Up to $1,000

Weird Singapore Laws

11. Attempting Suicide 

On a serious note, this is one of the strange Singapore laws that we weren’t expecting to see. From what we’ve seen the quality of life is so good in Singapore that we aren’t sure why anyone would want to take their own life. At the same time though everyone has issues and you never know. Hopefully this a deterrent to anyone who thinks about harming themselves.

Singapore Fine/Penalty: Undisclosed fine amount and 1 year in jail 

12. Public Gatherings after 10pm

Gatherings of three people or more after 10pm in Singapore is considered an offense. We’re a fan of the concept, but not necessarily the time… That’s a little early to have to ask you and your friends to pack it in. Now if we change that to 2am we’re 1000% in favor… Because we all know absolutely nothing good happens after 2am!

Singapore Fine: $1,000

Marina Bay Sands Light Show

13. Drug Consumption Prior to Entering the Country

Singapore has some of the strictest drug laws in the world. While this clearly increases safety and the general well being of the public, it still seems like a little much.

People are expected to abide by these laws during their time in Singapore, but to drug test them before even enter it? That’s wild! Direct flights from Amsterdam must get some serious attention. 

Singapore Fine/Penalty: $20,000 and 10 years in prison

14. Connecting to Unsecured Wifi

Here’s another one of those crazy Singapore laws that tourists should really know. Connecting to an unsecured wifi network is considered hacking in the city.

We’ve never heard of this anywhere, and with so many open wifi’s in every big metropolis you could be looking for trouble. So don’t go connecting to those networks with no passwords thinking it’s all good!

Singapore Fine/Penalty: $10,000 fine and 3 years in prison

Singapore Chewing Gum and More

15. Walking Around Naked Inside Your House

You may be thinking my house, my rules. Simple as that! Yet in Singapore you need to be careful even inside your own home or hotel. If you’re strutting your stuff and someone catches a peak at you could actually be reported. The nudity law also applies to outside your house in case you were wondering. 

Singapore Fine: $1,000

Gardens by the Bay Singapore

Ready for the Weird Singapore Laws?

As you can see, we do actually love most of these crazy Singapore laws. Everyday things like smoking and Singapore chewing game may seem over the top.

However, after spending time in the city you will learn to appreciate the clean environment and low crime rates. Be sure to check out our ultimate 2 day Singapore itinerary before your visit!

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How do you feel about these wild and strange Singapore laws? Let us know in the comments below!

Safe Travels,
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