Considering a Milos Rental Car? What We Wish We Knew First!

Milos Rental Car

If you’ve been following along with our adventures, then you know Milos is one of our absolute favorite islands! We’ve now made several trips to this special destination in Greece, both with and without a Milos rental car. So do you need one on your own visit to explore the island? In this article, we’ll share the pros and cons of renting a car in Milos, helpful tips from our experiences, and everything you need to know!

Why You’ll Love Having a Milos Rental Car

The island of Milos is larger than many travelers realize prior to their visit. The towns and different areas are very spread out, and without renting a car in Milos you’ll be somewhat limited. 

If you want to fully discover all the beautiful beaches, picturesque seaside towns, and mountain villages, you’ll need some type of vehicle! Most travelers spend 2 or 3 days on Milos and include it in a larger Greek island hopping itinerary.

Even if you just rent a car for one day, you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll be able to see and experience. Here’s our 16 favorite things to do on Milos to give you an idea before you go!

There are other options to get around including the local bus (more on this next), ATV’s, and scooter rentals. ATV’s are popular option, and especially fun for the rough terrain and dirt roads you may come across. 

We’ve rented a motorbike on many Greek islands which is always exciting. However, we much preferred having a rental car in Milos Greece (check current prices here) to get the most out of our time.

Milos Greece Rental Car

Our First Visit Without a Car Rental in Milos

On very first trip started out with a ferry from Santorini to Milos. Only having three days, we decided to skip out on a Milos car rental. We stayed in the colorful port of Adamas right where the ferries arrive.

Luckily, we would find out there is so much to do from this popular spot without a car rental in Milos! We took the famous Kleftiko caves boat tour which was a full day swimming and circling the island. 

Our next couple days were spent relaxing in Adamas and using the bus to get to some of the nearby attractions. We took the bus to the ancient town of Plaka and it’s Venetian Castle and even went to the unique Moon Beach

The bus picks up right in the town center and just a quick walk from where the ferry docks in Adamas port. It’s located in front of Yankos which makes some of the best gyros in town. We’ve eaten here more times than we can count and you won’t want to miss it!

So if you’re nervous about renting a car in Milos then you can use the public bus. This is a decent option during high season, when the roads will be more busy with Milos rental cars and other tourists. Just know that you will be limited with where you can go and completely dependent on the bus schedule. 

Milos Greece Bus Route

Where to Stay in Adamas

Ultra Luxury – Santa Maria Village – Perched up above Adamas with beautiful ocean views and luxury amenities. 

Fun Vacation – Galanis Sweet Home Milos – Nice rooms with balconies, kitchenette, and dining area.

City Center – Capetan Giorgantas – Enjoy the outdoor swimming pool, spacious rooms, and being just a quick walk from the port.

Budget Travel – Hotel Eleni – Cute family-run accommodation that is just steps from the beach.

Adamas Greece

Renting a Car in Milos on Our Next Trip

As you saw above, we still had a blast traveling around Milos with the bus. Yet, once we left the island, we realized how much we missed out on not having a car rental in Milos Greece!

From the small villages and epic viewpoints to the lesser-known beaches and swimming coves, there was so much more to discover on this island. For this reason, we looked into renting a car in Milos before our next trip. 

Fortunately, the following year we were visiting in May during swing season. This is the time of year when you can find some of the cheapest car hires outside of the peak summer months. 

We always use this website to search for rental cars in Greece. It allows you compare the different rental services to find the best prices for your dates.

Renting a Car in Milos

One Day With a Rental Car in Milos Greece

On our second trip to Milos we only had two full days. We typically decide our Greece island hopping itineraries based on the ferry routes (here’s how to get cheap tickets!

Know that outside of the summer the ferry schedule can be tricky. There are usually only a couple of routes to Milos per week from other popular islands like Santorini. 

Nevertheless, we were determined to get a Milos rental car and see more of this incredible island. Wanting to make the most out of the day, we picked up our car early in the morning right when the office opened. 

Having a car rental in Milos allowed us to see so much more than we previously did with the bus. Here’s some of our favorite places we went on our one day of exploring. 

  • Klima
  • Catacombs of Milos 
  • Firopotamos 
  • Mandrakia 
  • Pollonia

You can read all about our route here which took us to many of the best beaches of the islandSome were small unnamed coves, while others had a more official setup with beach chairs and cafes on the Aegean Sea. We even had time to go back to Plaka Town and Moon Beach again for a return visit!

Milos Rental Cars

Book Your Milos Rental Cars in Advance

The truth is that this isn’t the most popular Cycladic island (compared to Santorini in Mykonos) so there’s a limited amount of Milos rental cars available. We were told they do bring in some extra cars during the summer from the mainland. Yet, it’s not like they can just go to another town and pick more up when they run out.

With that said, if you try to get a Milos rental car without a reservation you may be out of luck! The best way to ensure you’re not left without a vehicle is to book it in advance (check the prices here). 

We have heard stories from multiple friends who traveled to Milos without a car or ATV reservation. They were visiting in June and thought it would be fine as they were there before the crazy months of July and August.

However, they were quickly told by every single Milos rental car company that they were completely sold out! This is a super common occurrence as most travelers just assume they can get a vehicle easily when they arrive.

Milos Rental Car Guide

How Much Does a Milos Rental Car Cost? 

As soon as you know the dates and have your ferry or flight booked you should start looking into Milos rental cars. The great thing about websites like Discover Cars is that they offer free cancellation. This means you can lock in that cheap car hire price and cancel with no penalty if your plans change. 

The cars have somewhat set rates between each local agencies and can be quite expensive. You’ll be looking at 50-80 Euros for a daily rate, and over 300 Euros per week during the summer. As we’ve said, the best deals can be found in swing or off-season. 

We paid 60 Euros for one day in May, and that was before the summer rush. Keep this in mind if you’re on a budget, but also know that it’s worth it for how much you’ll be able to experience.

Below is the price for a small car rental in Milos Greece (Fiat Panda or similar) for one week. This was what we found booking 6 months in advance to give you an example.

Milos Rental Cars Discover

Is it Difficult to Drive on Milos?

It’s not that easy to drive on Milos, or really any Greek island for that matter! If you’ve used rental cars on another island of the Cyclades then you probably already know what we’re talking about. 

The narrow roads that weave their way through Milos, take you up into the mountains and along the vase coastline. There is a decent “main road” that goes from Adamas to to Pollonia. Still, it’s when you cut off this to some of the smaller towns and beaches where it becomes more difficult. 

At some points, we even turned around as the pavement turned into a dirt road to certain swimming spots. Seeing roads like this are very common on the islands and around Europe. Nonetheless, you might not be used to the driving conditions if you’re visiting from the United States. 

When looking at the car types with different rental companies, we try to book the smallest Milos rental car possible. Not only will the economy cars come at the cheapest prices, but it will make for the best driving experience on the tight roads around Milos.

Is it Difficult to Drive on Milos

5 Milos Rental Car Tips For Your Trip

Pick Up Location 

Make sure that you select the correct location when reserving your Milos rental cars in advance. Obviously, if you’re flying into Milos Airport, then you’d want to grab your car there.

Many companies will send a representative to get you and bring you back to the rental desk. Yet, if you’re arriving by ferry into Milos Port, then you’ll want to choose a rental company in Adamas town. 

Full Tank of Gas

Check your gas levels before heading out on the island roads. There aren’t a ton of stations like in mainland Greece. You’d never want to be stuck somewhere with an empty tank and lose precious time for your Milos vacation.

Insurance Coverage

It’s important to be completely covered when renting a car in Milos. This is a very adventurous island that comes with tight dirt roads, loose gravel, and busy parking lots. We couldn’t believe the amount of times our directions wanted us to go off-roading to get down to secret coves and beaches.

Don’t get us wrong… Having a car rental in Milos Greece is totally worth it! Just make sure your insurance coverage transfers over from your home country, or pay the extra charge to buy it directly from the rental company. Our credit card covers us for renting vehicles abroad, but we always double-check with them beforehand.

Damage Check

Go the extra length to protect yourself! They may tell you they know every inch of the Milos rental car. Still, it’s smart to take a good walk around it to check for damage.

We will go as far as taking our own photos and videos while circling the vehicle just to be safe. As we described with the road conditions already, even new cars can appear a little dinged up from the wear and tear. 

Type of Car 

It’s best to book in advance for luxury cars, small cars, and automatics. Large families may also want to look into something bigger to fit everyone.

These car types can sell out quickly, especially if you need automatic transmission. Manual vehicles are very common with car hire companies on a small island like Milos.

Milos Rental Car Tips

The One Mistake Not to Make With Milos Rental Cars!

So you’ve traveled to the island, picked up your rental car in Milos Greece, and you’re ready to explore! It may sound silly, but don’t leave the rental desks without a physical map. Most companies will provide a big map of the island which will be super helpful for your journey. 

Nowadays, we rely a lot on our phones and GPS. The map will actually show you a large section on the west side of Milos island you’re not allowed to travel to. This entire area is remote and only possible to go to with four-wheel-drive vehicles. 

We were told several times by the local rental agency not to take our Milos car rental there as it would void our insurance! If we did, we would be held liable for all damages and any fees if they had to go and retrieve the car.

Much of this volcanic island is still undeveloped which is one of the reasons travelers love it so much. Don’t worry though! So many of the most beautiful places on Milos are accessible with a rental car. 

Just pay attention to the section that’s off limits on your map. Otherwise, you could be looking at a very expensive mistake.

Milos Rental Car Greece

Have any questions about this article or want to share your own tips for renting a car in Milos Greece? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake



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