Why You Can’t Miss THIS Meteora Sunset Spot in Greece!

Meteora Sunset 

Meteora is known for its remarkable monasteries that are built into the towering cliffs and mountains around town. Millions of visitors come every year, making it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Greece! However, there is one thing you can’t miss out on during your trip… The Meteora sunset! We’ve traveled all over the country, and the sunset in Meteora was one of the most magical we’ve ever seen. Here’s what to know about sunset rock, tips from our own tour, and mistakes to avoid in Meteora Greece.

Where to Watch the Sunset in Meteora

First of all, you should know there are several places to watch the sunset in Meteora. Yet, there is one specific spot known as “Sunset Rock” that overlooks the entire valley. It is beyond beautiful, and somewhere every traveler should experience.

If you’ve been following along with our adventures for a while now, you already know that we love a good sunset! Some of our favorites have been looking out over the ocean, but being up in the mountains of Northern Greece was certainly special. 

Sunset rock Meteora gives you a surreal view over the 14th century monasteries which sit atop the unique rock formations. Just know this Meteora sunset spot isn’t a secret! You’ll likely be sharing these great views with plenty of other travelers during peak season.

Sunset in Meteora

4 Tips For Meteora Sunset Rock

Arrive Early: For the reason we mentioned above, be sure to arrive early at the Meteora sunset! The biggest reason is that the parking situation.

The limited spaces which hug the side of the road cause many travelers to have to park far away and walk there. If you leave some extra time in your schedule, you can head to the Meteora Greece sunset early and secure a good spot.

Weather Warning: Watch the cloud coverage and rain for your sunset in Meteora. You can expect plenty of wild weather up in the mountains of the Greek mainland. 

This includes rain, mist, fog, and even snow depending on the time of year! When it gets especially cloudy, the sun will dip down early leaving you less daylight. This is another reason to plan to get there early. 

Watch Your Step: Be extremely careful at sunset rock Meteora. When we first got there, we were honestly a little surprised it’s advertised by the tourism department.

There are no railings around the rock and it’s a long drop down. Wear decent shoes and stay away from the edge if you can help it.

Dress Warm: Bring layers even if you have perfect weather. It can get very windy here when the sun starts to dip! We recommend wearing a jacket and pants for your Meteora sunset tour. 

Meteora Sunset Rock Tips

How to Find the Best Meteora Sunset Spot

Unless you’re taking an official Meteora sunset tour, you may have a little trouble finding this stunning view. That’s because the name on Google comes up as “Main Observation Deck of Meteora.” We’ve linked the exact location below to help you get there.

Checking the satellite view can actually give you an idea of how tight the parking is on the main road. We loved having a vehicle to explore Meteora, and always recommend renting a car in Greece (check the prices from Athens here).

However, due to the limited spaces, driving yourself is not necessarily the best way to experience the Meteora sunset. Be sure to read our complete guide for more info on visiting this famous town in Greece.

Meteora Sunset Tour

Aside from renting a car, many travelers take the bus or train to Meteora. They then jump on one of the many guided tours to the Meteora Monasteries.  

Even though we had a vehicle, we wanted an official tour guide who could explain all the historical information to us. Taking a Meteora sunset tour also allowed us to visit sunset rock without having to worry about parking!

There are a few tours that we recommend checking out before your visit. The first is an all day hiking tour through the stone forest, and ended at the Great Meteoron Monastery (book it here).  

We also hopped on a Meteora sunset tour (this one) which we reserved through the tourism department. Before heading to sunset rock Meteora we went to all the most famous monasteries by van. 

This included the Holy Trinity Monastery, Saint Nicholas Anapafsas, Saint Stephen, Roussanou, and the Monastery of Varlaam. We also made a stop at the Byzantine Church of the Assumption of Virgin Mary which was truly amazing.

After the fast pace of the tour, it was so nice to relax at our final stop! The local guide left us plenty of time for our Meteora sunset view.

Another ideal way to experience the Meteora Greece sunset is by bicycle on this popular tour. We saw the e-bikes pulling up the hill for right in time for golden hour and it looked like a lot of fun! 

Meteora Sunset Tour

Is the Meteora Sunset Worth it? 

Yes! Meteora is so worth visiting, and sunset is the perfect way to cap off your day. The beautiful landscape mixed with this Unesco World Heritage Site makes for a completely unique sunset experience.

Just know that you will to have to plan your visit based on the Meteora sunset time. For this reason, you may miss out on it if you’re just heading here on a day trip like this one

Don’t worry though! There are plenty of other spectacular locations, and different angles to see earlier in the day. Yet, if you’re staying for the Meteora Greece sunset, you now know the best spot.

Also, make sure to bring your camera to take lots of sunset photos. One of our shots from this exact location won an international photography competition.

Meteora Sunset Rock Greece

After the Meteora Greece Sunset

Meteora Hotel: We stayed at Oikia Guesthouse Meteora which was a nice family-run boutique hotel. We really enjoyed the local breakfast every morning and the views from the rooftop deck. 

Food & Drinks: If you only have time for one meal in Meteora, it should be at Taverna Efrosino! We still crave their grilled lamb to this day, and the baked feta dip was life changing.

Dress Code: There is a strict dress code for visiting the main monasteries of Meteora. Remember that these monasteries are still active! If you don’t bring your own clothing to cover up, long skirts are provided.

Transportation: Many people take the train from Athens to Meteora into the Kalambaka train station (book tickets here). However, we decided to get a rental car in Athens (check prices).

This allowed us to include Meteora in a larger Greece road trip. After Meteora, we visited Ioannina and the gorgeous seaside town of Parga.

Greek Islands: Thinking about heading to the islands after Meteora? We have so many articles to help plan your trip! Some of our favorite islands to experience are RhodesSymiSantoriniKarpathos and Milos.

Meteora in Greece

Have any questions about our trip or want to share your favorite Meteora Greece sunset spot? Let us know in the comments below! 

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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