Kavourotrypes Beach: The Must Visit Gem of Halkidiki Greece!

Kavourotrypes Beach

From the moment you stroll down to Kavourotrypes Beach in Halkidiki Greece, your mind will be completely blown. Honestly, it’s one of those beaches that you book a trip to Greece for in the first place! Also known as Orange Beach, you’ll find turquoise water, warm golden sand, and unique white rocks that line the Halkidiki coast. Here’s what to know about Kavourotrypes Beach before you go, and all about our own experience!

How to Get to Kavourotrypes Beach Greece

Located about half way down the middle finger of Halkidiki is the small pull off for Kavourotrypes Beach. While the main roads of Northern Greece are perfectly fine, beware of the potholes on this dirt section as you drive down.

We parked at the very end of the lot and made short walk down to Orange Beach Halkidiki. We were completely fine in flip flops, but you may want to bring sneakers if you’re going to explore the different rocky coves. 

Really, there is no way to get to this beach without renting a car in Halkidiki. We always use this website to compare the different rates and companies. It’s best to pick a vehicle up right from the airport if you’re flying into Thessaloniki when you arrive. 

We took an amazing one week road trip (read more here) around Halkidiki and included Kavourotrypes Beach in our itinerary. Other fun options to get out on the water are to take a sailing excursion or beach tour from Thessaloniki

Kavourotrypes Beach Halkidiki

What Makes Kavourotrypes Beach So Unique?

We visited Kavourotrypes at the start of the summer season, and the beach was already in full swing. Our first thoughts after seeing it was that it reminded us of the famous Moon Beach on Milos Island! 

Bright white rocks cover the coast, and stand out against the bright blue sea and lush green forest. Once you walk down from the parking lot you’ll see a small sandy cove with a beach bar. At the time of our visit, you could sit in the chairs for free as long as you bought a drink.  

This is a nice place to relax as the sun can be super powerful in the peak moments of the day. However, we recommend getting here in the early morning during the summer if you want any chance at a seat! The party vibe at the Portokali Beach Bar is fun for the younger crowd, but we also saw older couples and families with kids.

If you want more privacy at Kavourotrypes Beach, you can also cut to the right and head towards the other end. There are plenty of places to lay out on the rocks and small sandy coves to set up your own chairs.

Kavourotrypes Beach Halkidiki Greece


Kavourotrypes vs Orange Beach Halkidiki

Don’t get confused when you see the names! Kavourotrypes Beach in Halkidiki goes by several titles. Another one of these is Portokali Paralia which translates in english to Orange Beach. 

Kavourotripes literally means “crab holes” in Greek which is the perfect description of its rocky appearance. There are many long sandy beaches in Halkidiki if that’s more your style. Yet, this one is sure to be a special experience!

Orange Beach

Our Afternoon of Sithonia Beach Hopping

We included Kavourotrypes Beach as part of our day exploring the east coast of the Sithonia. This coast is known for having some of the most beautiful beaches in all of Halkidiki.

Originally, we only planned for a quick stop at Kavourotrypes Beach. Nevertheless, as soon as we got there, we didn’t want to leave!

The music was pumping, everyone was enjoying the great weather, and it was absolute paradise. This would become a common theme of our trip to Halkidiki as there are so many amazing beaches to see.

We laid our towels on the rocks of the far side at Kavourotrypes Beach and immediately jumped in the water. If possible, bring a floatie and some goggles to enjoy your time here.

There aren’t any hotels at Orange Beach Halkidki as it’s located on a secluded section of the peninsula. The closest option to stay nearby would be 10 minutes down the road in Sarti. One of the most popular hotels here to check out is Athos Thea Luxury Rooms. 

Orange beach Halkidiki

Orange Beach in Halkidiki

Is Kavourotrypes Beach Worth Visiting? 

Yes! While there are endless beaches in Halkidiki, this is one you won’t want to miss. We could’ve easily spent ALL DAY here if we had more time. We loved the vibe at the beach bar, and the crystal clear water is sure to impress any beach lover. 

Another must-visit spot in Sithonia is the famous Karidi Beach. We highly recommend going off the beaten path to discover your own hidden gems along this coast as well.

Be sure to check out historic sites like Ancient Stagira on your visit. You should also know some of our favorite beaches in Halkidiki were on Ammouliani Island! Still not convinced? Here’s 12 reasons to book a trip to Halkidiki this summer.

Have any questions on this article or want to share your own tips for Kavourotrypes Beach Greece? Leave us a comment below!

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