Ammouliani Greece: The Halkidiki Island You Can’t Miss!

Ammouliani Greece

Ammouliani is a special island in Northern Greece that every traveler should visit! Even though we only had one day, this part of Halkidiki left an imprint on us that we will never forget. Here’s what to know about the ferry, the Ammouliani beaches, and why we’re already planning a return trip!

Taking the Ammouliani Ferry

The first thing to know about Ammouliani Greece is that it is in fact an island. However, the ferry ride only takes 15 minutes as it’s not far from mainland Halkidiki. You can check the current ferry times here.

We had originally rented a car in Thessaloniki. After one epic day in the city, we headed off in our vehicle to see Halkidiki.

This allowed us to have the freedom to explore this gorgeous region on our own time. Be sure to take a look at this website to compare rates and rental car companies in Greece. You can also read our full guide to renting a car in Halkidiki before you go.

The Ammouliani ferry cost was 17 Euros for the two of us with a vehicle each way. It leaves from the small port of Tripiti which is not far from Ouranoupoli where we stayed the night before. 

Another option would be to board the ferry as a foot passenger as there are many hotel options right in the main town. From there, you could rent a car or scooter to get around to the fabulous Ammouliani beaches. 

We stayed at Hotel Akti Ouranoupoli Beach Resort the night before. This was an ideal location to get to the Athos Sea Cruise the following morning which took us around famous Mount Athos. The Athos peninsula is a unique part of Halkidiki with an orthodox community that has lived there since the 10th century.

The unique male-only monasteries are still active, and where they pray, grow crops, and serve as pilgrimage site. Some of the amazing wine and food we had in Ammouliani Greece actually came from Mount Athos!

Ammouliani Ferry

Our Visit to Ammouliani Greece

We had honestly never heard of Ammouliani Island before our trip to this region of Greece. We were so happy that we were able to include it in our one week Halkidiki itinerary. Yet, after we got there and saw how beautiful it was, we knew we would have to return! 

While it is quite small in comparison with other Greek islands we’ve been to, there is so much to see and experience. It’s also an extremely relaxing place that you could spend more than few days enjoying.

We took the Ammouliani ferry in the late afternoon, and spent the rest of the day driving around to the different beaches and viewpoints. After a stunning sunset, we went down for a delicious seafood dinner at Glaros Restaurant. 

In the morning we woke up bright and early to jump back on the Ammouliani ferry, but realized we needed more time. We decided to take a later ferry and spend a few more hours at the Ammouliani beaches before continuing on to Sithonia.

Ammouliani in Greece

Boats in Harbor

Quick History of Ammouliani Island

Ammouliani Greece has a very unique history that you should know before going. It actually belonged to Mount Athos’s Vatopedion Monastery up until 1925.

During this period of conflict, there was a huge movement of people between Greece and the former Ottoman Empire. Many Greeks were forced to leave areas of Asia Minor and look for a new home.

Ammouliani was given to refugees who were mostly from the islands of the Sea of Marmara. Descendants of these people still live here today, and carry with them their own traditions and culture. 

Ammouliani is the only populated island in Central Macedonia, which makes it a unique place to visit in itself. The fishing trade has always been big here, and it now has a flourishing tourism business in the warm summer months. 

Ammouliani Island

The Beautiful Ammouliani Beaches

One of the biggest draws to Ammouliani Greece is its amazing beaches. There are a few popular places to swim which are organized with beach chairs for rent, cafes, and seaside restaurants.

However, bringing a vehicle with you will allow you to discover so many hidden stunning coves. This is one of the main reasons we wish we had more time here!

During our time in Halkidiki we would experience the famous sands of Kavourotrypes and Karidi. Still, the beaches in Ammouliani more than held their own.

We spent the morning before we left at Aliki Beach which is the biggest on the island. Unlike many rocky beaches in Greece, the sand is soft here and makes the perfect place to relax for the afternoon. 

The name “Ammouliani” actually comes from the word Ammos which translates to sand. This makes complete sense once you see the golden sandy paradises that await you on Ammouliani island!

The Aegean Sea is crystal clear, and we spent all morning floating in the water before our ferry. In addition to Aliki Beach, we also recommend stopping at Megali Ammos and Karagatsia. 

By visiting in mid-May, we felt like we had Ammouliani to ourselves. Nevertheless, we were told it does get very busy in the peak summer months of July and August. Plan to go in May, September, or even October if you’d like to experience this destination with less crowds.

Ammouliani Beaches

Where to Stay in Ammouliani Greece

We spent the night at Sunrise Hotel on Ammouliani which is located just a quick walk from the port. This family-run boutique hotel was the perfect spot close to the restaurants and town center. 

The rooms were beautiful with a modern design, and our stay included a delicious buffet breakfast. What really set it apart though was the kind owners of the Sunrise Hotel.

They made us feel like we were a part of their family, and gave us so many great tips for our visit to Ammouliani Island. We even got to check out their new property Sunrise Villas up on the hill above town. The views from the villas were absolutely incredible, and we will definitely stay here on our next visit!

While Ammouliani Greece is small, there are accommodation options for every kind of traveler. You’ll find small hotels, boutique studious, and everything in between.

Just be sure to book far in advance if  you’re planning to go in July and August. Sunrise Hotel told us that they were already sold out for the summer when we were there in May!

Sunrise Hotel

Is Ammouliani Worth Visiting?

100% yes! Ammouliani Island was a highlight of our time in Halkidiki. 

We have been to over 20 islands in Greece, but honestly nowhere that felt like Ammouliani. It has all the traditional feels you’d expect on the mainland, and its beaches can compete with anywhere in the Aegean. 

Really, there is just something about this island that’s hard to explain! The locals take pride in their culture and are the most friendly people you’ll ever meet.

The main port town feels like it’s out of a storybook, and the local seafood was spectacular. Definitely add Ammouliani Greece to your itinerary if you get the chance! Also, make sure to read the 12 things we loved most about Halkidiki before you go.

Is Ammouliani Worth Visiting

Have any questions on this article or want to share your own tips for Ammouliani Greece? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
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  1. Allison
    June 5, 2024 / 7:35 am

    My husband and I are planning our honeymoon in Greece- Ammouliani is now on our list of stops!! Thanks for all your recommendations!

    • Brigitte & Jake
      June 5, 2024 / 7:37 am

      Yes! It’s a must visit if you’re heading to Halkidiki. Enjoy!

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