Tasting 47 Wines in Eger Hungary: Valley of the Beautiful Women

Nothing Familiar Hungarian Wine Tasting

When we found out there was a magical place in the Hungarian wine region that has dozens of cellars in one neighborhood, we knew we had to go see for ourselves! First of all, you should probably know we didn’t actually taste 47 wines in the Valley of the Beautiful Women. While at some point there may have been this many different Eger wineries, some are closed or could have just not been opened during the summer when we visited. Either way, we did sample quite a bit of Egri bikaver and explored the insides of each winery! From whites to rosé, and even the Bulls Blood Wine, this will be your comprehensive guide to the best wine cellars in the Eger wine region.

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How to Get to the Valley of the Beautiful Women

From the main town there’s a few different ways to get to the Eger wineries. We typically walked at least one way to get some exercise, but it’s just as easy to jump on a golf cart. Here’s a breakdown of prices and how to get to the Valley of the Beautiful Women from Eger!

Walking: If you follow the signs to the Szépasszony Valley (Valley of the Beautiful Women) it will be a 20-25 minute walk from the main street in town. It’s slightly uphill on the way back, but the wine will definitely help!

Tourist Train: 1,200 Huf Round Trip – This large bright red train leaves downtown and gives you a tour of town on the way to the Eger wine region. You should know the tour is only in Hungarian, and if you’ve walked around Eger you will have probably seen most of the sights already.

Large Golf Cart: 1,000 Huf Round Trip – If you’re not going to walk this is the best and most direct way to get to the Valley of the Beautiful Women. Leaving downtown Eger at 10 past the hour all afternoon, you’ll be zipped right to the Hungarian wine region and not be taken on a round about tour of the city.

→ The large golf carts and tourist train pick up in the same spot Egeszseghaz Street by Kiraly Pizza.

Taxi: 1300-1600 Huf – The taxis will pick up at the entrance of the first wine cellars (numbers 1-6). If the trains and golf carts stopped running or you don’t feel like walking, this is your best bet to get back to town. If there aren’t any you can always ask one of the Eger wineries to call one for you.

How to Get to the Valley of Beautiful Women

First Impression of the Eger Wineries

When we arrived to this epic part of the Eger wine region we didn’t know what to make of it. Literally the first thing we saw was groups of men walking with massive amounts of wine back to their cars!

They were carrying wine in everything from big boxes to bottles and even plastic gallon containers. There was music playing and kids running around with everyone enjoying what seemed to be a never-ending social event.

The next thing we noticed was that the Eger wineries ranged from actual caves in the walls to high class restaurants. Let’s be honest, the Hungarian wine region is the furthest thing from Napa Valley… But in the coolest way possible! After we saw the endless places to visit and how disturbingly cheap the wine was, we knew we would be returning over the next few days.

Valley of the Beautiful Women Wine Tasting

10 Tips For Visiting the Eger Wineries

Ask to try the wine before ordering a glass. You can also pay to do an official tasting at the more upscale places.

Bring cash! Most of the glasses of wine will only cost between 150-300 Huf (.50 cents to $1 USD!)

The Hungarian wine region is famous for Egri bikaver, also known as Bulls Blood Wine.

The wineries and cellars are numbered from 1 to 47 with their own unique names. The lower numbers are the original cellars which started many years ago.

The older more traditional Eger wine region cellars will serve you out of glass jugs or reused plastic bottles.

A Hungarian specialty is bread with lard spread which you can purchase at many of the cellars.

There’s a park in the middle of the Eger wineries where families set up picnics and live music is played.

You’ll also find a handful of restaurants mixed in near the beginning of the wine shops. Don’t forget to eat!

The newer wineries start in the mid 30’s to 40’s and are a tad more swanky.

Drink like a local and always leave for the night with a bottle, box, or case of your favorite wine!

Vally of Beautiful Women from Eger Map

Legend of the Bulls Blood Wine

Wine is deeply intertwined with the history of Eger, and it all starts with the famous Bulls Blood! Also referred to as Egri Bikaver, the drink goes back to the legend of István Dobó and the Seige of Eger in 1552. With over 100,000 Ottoman troops reportedly on the way to Eger, the just 2,000 Hungarian men were fed food and local wine before battle.

Rumor spread among the Turkish that the Hungarian’s battled so fiercely because their wine was mixed with bulls blood! Even though they were greatly outnumbered, the soldiers of Eger went on to defeat the Ottomans in one of the greatest European military upsets of its time.

→ Eger Hungary Guide: Thermal Bath, Castle, & More Amazing Things to Do

Bulls Blood Wine - Egri Bikaver

Tasting Our Way Through the Eger Wine Region

As we said in the beginning, we didn’t get to sample every single Eger winery. However, we did walk into each one that was open to check out the scene for you. Hopefully our short notes on each place will help you pick the ones you’re interested in if you have limited time.

What Does Closed Mean?

In this article it can mean two things. First, it could be the cellar was just closed on the days we visited the Valley of the Beautiful Woman. The other would be that it was deserted and clearly shut down.

If there is ever a cellar we marked “closed” that’s open on the day you go be sure to let us know all about it! Furthermore, if you have any questions about our post, the different wines, or our visit to Eger let us know in the comments at the bottom.

Valley of the Beautiful Women Eger Hungary

Visiting the 47 Eger Wineries 

#1 – Biro Borozo Night Club (Closed)

#2 – Biro & Fia Pinceszet 

This is the first cellar you’ll see on the lefthand side and a great place to start your wine tour! A lovely women will meet you as you enter the basement with a delicious glass of Egri bikaver.

You’ll notice right away that this is one of the most traditional wine cellars you’ll find in all of the Eger wine region. It ended up being our favorite Eger winery of all, and we made sure to come back and grab a bottle before we left.

Biro & Fia Pinceszet Wine Cellar Hungarian Wine Region

#3 – Closed*

#4 – Szarvas Pinceszet 

Szarvas Pinceszet has a much different atmosphere than the old school cellar of #2. Nice wooden tables and art fill the room, and you can buy wine in everything from a small glass to 10 liter jugs!

Szarvas Pinceszet Hungarian Wine Region

Szarvas Pinceszet Hungarian Wine Region

#5 – Termeloi Bor 

At Termeloi Bor they keep massive tanks of wine in the back so your glass is poured straight from the tap. They also offer small and large glasses of Egri bikaver for next to nothing in price!

Termeloi Bor Hungarian Wine Region

Egri Bikaver - Bulls Blood Wine

#6 – Valika

Not getting to try this place was our biggest regret at the Valley of the Beautiful Women. An old lady dressed in a traditional Hungarian outfit will greet you at the door. Unfortunately, she was super busy every time we walked by otherwise we would of totally popped in for a glass!

Valika Eger Bulls Blood Wine / Egri Bikaver Wine Tasting

#7 – Gyongyozo Bor

The options are limited to just one type of wine at this tiny shop, yet don’t let that distract you from the great local flavors. There’s only one small table to sit at inside, but the kind owner grabbed a bench and put it right out front for us.

Gyongyozo Bor Hungarian Wine Region

#8 – Closed*

#9 – Closed*

#10 – Szeredi Pinceszet

This is the first upscale place you will see as the lower numbered Eger wineries are more cave-like! Two nice picnic tables are outside facing a couple restaurants, and a unique wine tasting is offered at the indoor counter.

Szeredi Pinceszet Valley of the Beautiful Woman

Hungarian Wine Region and Bulls Blood Wine

#11 – Souvenir Shop 

Just your everyday hole in the wall souvenir shop. This is the only one in the Valley of the Beautiful Women so don’t be shy!

#12 – Bor Kimeres 

Bor Kimeres was the first dark cave we wandered into, and we’re so glad we did! Like many of the traditional Eger wineries, older women are in the back running the show with encouraged tastings and holiday decor.

Valley of the Beautiful Woman Eger Wineries

Bor Kimeres and Bulls Blood Wine

Hungarian Wine Region Drinking Bulls Blood Wine

#13 – Laci Basic Pinceje (Closed)

#14 Kiss Pinceszet

This Eger winery has cute flower filled shoes on the outside, and some amazing stonework on the interior. It seemed very crowded every time we walked past, but we eventually poked our heads in for a glass of Egri bikaver!

Kiss Pinceszet Eger Hungary Valley of the Beautiful Woman

#15 & 16 – Molnar Pincesczez

Combing two different buildings, Molnar has a classic cellar vibe with many different upscale red wines to sample. We tried both the 2013 and 2016 Egri Bikaver and were very impressed.

Molnar Pincesczez Egri Bikaver / Bulls Blood Wine

#17 – Kadarka Borozo 

Kadarka Borozo features a colorful backdrop with wicker chairs and a cozy atmosphere. Good spot to grab a seat outside, people watch, and simply take in the Hungarian wine region.

Kadarka Borozo Drinking Egri Bikaver/ Bulls Blood Wine

#18 – Wanda Borhaz

This small wine cellar appears to be held up only by the thick wooden beams that stretch down its hallway. Still, it carries a lovely atmosphere with pictures and a one of a kind Bulls Blood Wine to sample.

Eger Egri Bikaver Wine Tasting at Wanda Borhaz

Wanda Borhaz Drinking Egri Bikaver

#19 – Hagymaci

The small portions were a bit expensive compared to other places in the Hungarian wine region. However, the large cave room opened up beautifully, and was bigger than any other wine cellar we saw. They also have a food stand outside that makes flatbreads for 900 Huf if you need a snack!

Hagymaci Eger Hungary Ordering Bulls Blood Wine

#20 Marci Pinceje

We felt good vibes immediately as we entered the Marci Pinceje wine cellar with money displayed on the walls from around the world. They also have homemade wine jams and syrups if you’d like to take home a sweet treat as well.

Marci Pinceje Hungarian Wine Region

Valley of the Beautiful Woman Eger Hungary

Marci Pinceje Home Made Jam Valley of the Beautiful Woman

#21 Closed*

#22 Greg Vin

Greg Vin has a simple but gorgeous wooden and brick interior. The Bulls Blood Wine here was one of the best we tried with its nice and oaky taste. They also have an affordably cheese plate available if you need something yummy to pair with your wine.

Greg Vin Eger Hungary Selling Bulls Blood Wine / Egri Bikaver

Greg Vin Hungarian Wine Region

#23 Kocsis Csalad (Closed)

#24 Closed*

#25 Arnold Pinceszet (Closed)

#26 Closed*

#27 Farsang Pinceszet

Farsang has a fun tasting with all the names and alcohol percentages listed clearly on the bottles. This is also one of the cheapest places to sample wine that you’ll find in the Valley of the Beautiful Women. Be careful with the Pinot Noir here… It’s strong!

Farsang Pinceszet Hungarian Wine Region

#28 St. Vince Borkostolo 

Animal skins cover the seats as you walk inside to this unique husband and wife run establishment. Great wine and one of the best Egri bikaver and lard sandwich combos we had! The interior fireplace will make you want to visit the Hungarian wine region during the winter months if you’re not there already.

St. Vince Borkostolo Hungarian Wine Region

Valley of the Beautiful Women Bulls Blood Wine and Lard Sandwich

#29 Closed*

#30 Closed*


The long hallway may seem spooky at first, but it brings you to a small cellar with a friendly woman waiting to greet you. She’ll go over all the wines in her best English, and give plenty of free tastings to make sure you enjoy your experience.

Hungarian Wine Region Cellars

Hungarian Wine Region the Valley of the Beautiful Woman

#31 – Sandor Pince (Closed)

#32 Borachivum (Closed)

#33 Borzbar 

Borzbar has a beautiful interior that would be perfect for a fun party. This is definitely one of the fancier places in this part of the Hungarian wine region! Outdoor bistro lights and blankets are available when the sun goes down, and the semi-sweet rose is also delicious if you need a break from Egri bikaver.

Borzbar Eger Hungary Drinking Bulls Blood Wine

#34 KissPeter

KissPeter has premium wines and an upscale bar to go with them. This cozy cave setting also features a speciality tasting menu of 3 or 4 different wines which ends up being a better deal than buying them by the glass.

KissPeter Hungarian Wine Region

Egri Bikaver Valley of the Beautiful Woman

#35 Closed*

#36 Csabai Sandor Pinceszete (Closed)

#37 Kiss Krisztina Pinceszete 

This was our favorite food stop with massive cheese and meat plates ready to order. Inside this awesome Eger Winery you’ll find long wooden tables and a welcoming staff. We enjoyed the wine so much we ended up getting a bottle to go!

Kiss Krisztina Pinceszete Hungarian Wine Region

#38 Kedves Wine Bistro and Shop (Closed)

Valley of the Beautiful Woman and Eger Wineries

#39 Akona 

Akona has antique style decor with dozens of different wine options to choose from. Look for the Hungarian warrior carved into the wall!

Akona Eger Hungary Selling Egri Bikaver

Exploring the Valley of the Beautiful Women Drinking Egri Bikaver

#40 & 41 Juhasz Pince

It’s easy to notice Juhasz Pince as the outside looks like a giant castle. It also has a large outdoor patio, and if you’re lucky a local band playing tunes out front. Inside there’s several baskets with different snacks for sale and dried vines hanging from the ceiling.

Juhasz Pince Eger Hungary Hungarian Wine Region

#42 Closed*

#43 Sike Pince (Closed)

Sike Pince Valley of the Beautiful Woman

#44 Demeter 

Demeter is definitely the hippest bar in the Valley of the Beautiful Women. When we walked in they were playing 50 cent on the sound system which is the last thing we were expecting to hear!  They also serve delicious lemonade and teas if you need to switch it up from the wine for a bit.

Valley of the Beautiful Woman

#45 Bormester (Closed)

Bormester in Valley of the Beautiful Woman

#46 Toth Ferenc 

Toth Ferenc has a large outdoor area, but also a cozy indoor cellar. It gets packed later on in the day, and you can often find live musicians playing next to the ceramic green fireplace.

Valley of the Beautiful Woman

Valley of the Beautiful Woman

#47 Petreny

Petreny holds the title as the fanciest of all the Eger wineries. Don’t head to the bar, but instead take a seat outside and browse the extensive menu. As far as the price goes, Egri bikaver here will cost you a shocking 450 HUF, or the equivalent of $1.50 USD. Expensive I know!

We loved all the Eger wineries, but if we had to pick our must visits they would be #2, #28, #37, and #47. Do you have any questions about the Eger wine region ,or want to share who you thought had the best Bulls Blood Wine? Let us know in the comments below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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Where To Stay Near the Eger Wineries

Ultra Luxury (High End) – Imola Hotel Platán – One of the few upscale hotels in town with the highlight being the swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas. Your stay at Imola hotel will also include free access to the famous Eger thermal bath nearby.

Fun Vacation (Mid Range) – Hotel Senator-Ház Eger – Set in the lively main square directly under the Eger Castle. This traditional Hungarian hotel offers comfortable rooms and the perfect location. If you’re visiting during the holiday season make sure to try the mulled Eger wine and Christmas punch!

Near the Wine Cellars (Mid Range) – Kulacs Csarda Panzio – If you’re looking to stay closer to the Eger wine cellars just outside of town this is for you! In addition to the easy access, you’ll have a buffet breakfast, garden with hot tub, and traditional music played in the evenings.

For more places to stay in Eger Hungary you can explore the latest prices here!

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    • Brigitte & Jake
      December 7, 2021 / 4:53 am

      From what we can remember most of them close in the late afternoon, but all at different times. If there is one in particular you want to visit I would google and see if you can find the exact time they are open until. Hope that helps!

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