Riverside Mozart: Room by Room Tour of the Stunning Cruise Ship

Riverside Mozart

Are you getting ready for a trip or wondering if Riverside Luxury Cruises is right for you? We recently spent a week on the Riverside Mozart cruise from Budapest to Vienna and discovered all the best spots on the ship! In this article, we cover everything from the suites to restaurants, and of course where to relax and take in the magical river views. 

What’s it Like Sailing on the Riverside Mozart?

The Riverside Mozart is an incredible boat that’s part of the Riverside Luxury Cruise collection. The first thing we noticed when boarding the cruise ship is how massive it truly is! Unsurprisingly, it’s actually one of the largest river cruise ships in all of Europe. 

There are 81 total rooms with a capacity of 154 passengers. The dimensions measure from 120 meters (394 ft) in length with an impressive width of 23 meters (75 ft).

From our first steps onto the top deck in Budapest, we looked around and saw how spacious it was compared to other nearby cruise ships. Our excitement would only grow as we explored the inside of the Riverside Mozart! Up next is a complete breakdown of the many areas of the ship. 

Riverside Luxury Cruises: Our Magical Week on the Danube

Boat Tour Riverside Mozart

Riverside Mozart Ship

Lobby and Entry 

When first entering the Riverside Mozart you will be right in the main lobby area. This is the heart of the boat and a place you will pass through many times during the day. To the left side, there is a sitting area which is a great spot to wait before your excursions take off.

Around the corner from the front desk is a small room we often found ourselves in. This was open all day and night and somewhere we could quickly get a cup of coffee, hot tea, or cookie. We also loved the cafe which we will talk about more soon! 

Riverside Mozart Lobby

Riverside Mozart Room Tour

Riverside Suite

This was the room that we sailed in and really enjoyed. If you are debating between this and the Harmony Suite we recommend opting for the Riverside category.

One of our favorite ways to experience the ship was simply relaxing in our room while we cruised down the Danube River. It was so nice to lay on the bed with the sliding doors open and feel the breeze roll in. There was also an Nespresso coffee maker, Bushnell binoculars, and enough closet space to fit both our wardrobes.

The Riverside Suite has a large king bed and a small sofa area by the door which was perfect to take in the views. The desk was nice for getting through our emails and we appreciated having fast wi-fi throughout our cruise.

There was also a small mini-bar that was refreshed twice a day. Inside it had coke, diet coke, still & sparking water, as well as a small bottle of wine and beer. We were told if there were other beverages that we preferred we could have those stocked instead. 

The bathroom was impressively big, especially for a river cruise. Oh, and don’t even think about having to touch the toilet seat! It automatically goes up with a sensor every time you walk into the bathroom.

You’ll find high-end products to get you through the week like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, hand wash, and lotion. These are just a few of the little touches you can expect when sailing on the Riverside Mozart.

Harmony Suite

Located on the first floor of the ship are the Harmony suites. Now these are just as beautiful and luxurious as the others rooms. The main difference is that there are windows instead of a balcony.

Although it’s not as nice as the sliding door, the windows still give you a unique perspective as you look out right to the water level. Just know if you’d like a better view you’ll want to upgrade to a different room.

Riverside Mozart Harmony Suite

Riverside Mozart Harmony Suite View

Penthouse Suite

The next category of room on the Riverside Mozart is the Penthouse. This style is larger than the Harmony Suite making it a great option for families. It has a walk in closet, full bathroom with a tub, and two sliding glass doors. The Penthouse is simply amazing!

Riverside Mozart Penthouse Suite

Riverside Mozart Penthouse Suite Bathroom

Mozart & Owner Suites

The Mozart Suite is the second highest level on the ship. There is a large seating and dining area, enormous bathroom, and bed that faces out toward the water.

If you want even more space the room can connect to add on a Riverside Suite. Combining the Mozart Suite with an adjoining Riverside Suite transforms into the luxurious Owners Suite. This is the ultimate option for the most space on the Riverside Mozart cruise.

Mozart Suite Living Room

Mozart Suite Bed Room

Mozart Suite Bathroom

Riverside Mozart Restaurants

The Bistro

The Bistro is where we often had breakfast over the course of our Riverside Luxury Cruise. It’s also where small snacks and desserts are set up all day for a quick plate or pastry.

We would stop here pretty much every afternoon to make a plate of freshly smoked salmon, crackers, and mixed cheeses. We also loved visiting the stylish cafe for a Viennese Melange coffee.

Yet, one of the best (and most dangerous) places on the ship is also here! The homemade ice cream bar is open for business throughout the day. Once we realized how creamy and delicious the ice cream was we couldn’t resist stopping in for a small cone. 

Riverside Mozart Bistro

The Bistro

Blue Bar Grill

The Blue Bar Grill became one of our favorite places to eat on the boat. It’s located in the back of the Riverside Mozart ship with large floor to ceiling windows letting in natural sunlight.

Whenever we wanted a quick lunch before our after our tour excursions this was the spot to be. So what were some of the best meals we had at the Blue Bar Grill? To start, the burger with squid ink bun was amazing! We also tried the Nordic Salad and Hungarian beef goulash with spaetzle.

One of the things we enjoyed about Riverside Cruises is that they made special dishes based on the destination we were in that day. Just know that the meals available might change based on the time of year and route.

Blue Bar Grill

Waterside Restaurant

This is the main restaurant on the Riverside Mozart cruise. During the day the buffet may be set up for breakfast or lunch, while at night it turns into a formal dining room.

The dinner was always served a la carte and some of the best dishes we had on board were at Waterside. Specifically, we loved the scallops, beef carpaccio, and veal! 

Waterside Restaurant

Vista Grill & Bar

All the Riverside Mozart restaurants are incredible, but two of our favorite nights were when we dined at the Vista Grill. The experience of eating on the top deck of the ship as we sailed through Austria’s Wachau Valley was second to none.

These are the type of moments that will make you immediately want to book your next European river cruise! Both nights we enjoyed here were served barbecue style with fresh grilled specialties.

We had everything from steak to octopus, and various grilled vegetables. There is also the fully stocked Vista Bar here where you can order wine, beer, and signature cocktails.

Vista Grill

Room Service & Breakfast in Bed 

Is there any better way to start the morning off on holiday than with breakfast in bed? There is room service offered on the Riverside Mozart ship during dining hours, but we only took advantage of this during breakfast. 

The night before fill out the small card left on your desk and pick exactly what you want for breakfast. You can even choose the time you would like it to arrive. 

Both of the days we ordered breakfast to the room it came at the exact moment we requested it by our butler. Yes, you will have a butler dedicated to your room who you can call when needed! The main dishes were piping hot and everything was so delicious.

We especially loved the custom omelettes, fruit plate, smoked salmon, and waffles. While this is fantastic, make sure to go to the normal breakfast area when you want more specialized dishes like Eggs Benedict.

Riverside Mozart Room Service

Vintage Room 

Thinking about booking a specialty dining experience on the Riverside Mozart? We had the pleasure of experiencing the Vintage Room on the last night of our cruise! 

The 7 course menu was matched with complimentary wine parings. Everything was executed perfectly and it was our favorite and most memorable meal of our trip. We were even joined at dinner by Captain Bela and Director Sonia. 

While we were eating it was almost hard to remember that we were on a river cruise and not in an actual fine dining restaurant. We can’t recommend the Vintage Room enough!

Riverside Mozart Vintage Room

Cove & Palm Court

This is one of the most comfortable places to hang out indoors on the River Mozart ship. We sailed in the middle of the summer which meant it could get very hot in the in the late afternoon. As much as we wanted to be outside on the top deck, it was so nice to have a beautiful area to escape the heat.

Whenever we were thirsty we would head to the bar on the front right side of the ship. Here we could sit in the air conditioning with a cold beverage and still have a fantastic view of the passing landscape.  

Severin and Mohet were our bartenders on the Riverside Mozart and happily served up delicious drinks all day. Some of our favorites were the blueberry lemonade, espresso martinis, and unique digestives after dinner.

Cove and Palm Court

Spa & Pool

That’s right! We’re not quite done explaining the luxury amenities of the Riverside Mozart ship. In all honesty, the Riverside Mozart spa was nicer then many resorts we’ve visited around the world.

First off, we have to tell you about the view. Even if you don’t think of yourself as a spa person, the lounge chairs here were so comfortable. It was so nice to lay here after a swim with a good book, or just sit back to enjoy the view.

Looking out the large glass windows in your fluffy robe is what it’s all about! You’ll also find a sauna and steam room, as well as place to shower off and get ready for your daily activities.

The jacuzzi and small pool were somewhere we enjoyed spending a lot of our time. The pool even has a jet stream so you’re able to swim laps and get some exercise. 

Riverside Mozart Spa View

Riverside Gym 

Speaking of exercise… the Riverside Mozart ship has a full gym to get your work out on. Now this all depends on what type of vacation you plan to have. Many may choose to relax and save the gym for when they return home from vacation.

However, know that free weights, treadmills, stationary bikes, and a rowing machine are available to you. We certainly didn’t mind having the gym around after eating so much spectacular food aboard the cruise!

Gym Riverside Mozart

Cigar Room 

Honestly, what does this cruise ship not have? We didn’t use this room, but stopped here during our tour of the Riverside Mozart. Inside you’ll find elegant couches and high-end liquor that go with the cigars.

If cigars are your thing then you’ll definitely love it! The public bathrooms are also located directly across from here.

Riverside Mozart Vista Deck 

We touched on the top deck and Vista Bar already, but let’s get a little more in-depth. This is hands down the best place on the Riverside Mozart cruise to get views of your surroundings. 

It has a mix of loungers, comfy chairs, tables, and bean bags to choose from for seating. Our go-to spot was on the front righthand side of the boat where we were able to truly capture the scenery.

You might be wondering, why the right side and not the left? Along our cruise from Budapest to Vienna we found out that most of the attractions were on the right side of the Danube River. This is due to it getting more sunlight in the winter months.

The chairs in the back are just as comfortable, but the engine can be a little noisy. The very tail end of the Riverside Mozart ship is also where they keep their fleet of over 20 standard and electric bikes. If you’re looking to truly relax and take in the scenery then head to the front! 

You will also quickly notice that it feels like you’re in the middle of a wild garden than on a cruise boat. There are plants and herbs all over the top deck which makes it easy on the eyes.

While we can’t comment on every cruise ship, it was easy to see the difference between the Vista Deck and others we passed by. Most boats had simple folding chairs that were nothing like the comfy furniture we had on the Riverside Mozart. 

Riverside Mozart Rooftop Deck

Riverside Mozart Rooftop Deck 

Have any questions about this article or want to share your own experience on the Riverside Mozart cruise? Let us know in the comments below! 

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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This experience was made possible in partnership with Riverside Luxury Cruises. As always, any opinions and recommendations remain our own.

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    Great review and description of the ship and river cruise experience. I’ll definitely keep it in mind when booking future travels.

    • Brigitte & Jake
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      Glad you enjoyed it!! This is such a spectacular boat 😀

  2. July 28, 2023 / 10:15 am

    This cruiser seems to have everything anyone could possibly want while on holiday! It looks and sounds absolutely incredible; I’d love to experience this. The food looks amazing!

    • Brigitte & Jake
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      It really did! We loved all the delicious meals and luxury amenities on the Riverside Mozart. Definitely check them out if you’re thinking about river cruising in Europe.

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