12 Fun Facts About Fira Santorini That Might Surprise You

Fira Santorini

Heading to the world-famous island of Santorini? Well, then you’ll know doubt come across the town of Fira! Fira is the sprawling capital that is set perched high on the cliffs and where much of the action takes place. You’ll find epic views, amazing restaurants, and a fun nightlife scene waiting to be explored. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Fira Santorini and a few facts you might not know about this popular town in Greece!

12 Fun Facts About Fira Santorini

1. Fira is Part of a Volcano

You may notice Santorini’s unique shape from Fira and that’s for a reason! The island is actually a caldera that was created during a massive volcanic eruption over 3,000 years ago. It decimated the Minoan population of Santorini and all of the nearby islands. 

Looking down from the cliffs of Fira town you can see 2 smaller volcanic islands sitting in the middle. Boat trips are run regularly here from the old port below Fira if you’re interested in seeing some geothermal activity. 

The last eruption was in 1950 and there was a serious earthquake in 1956 that destroyed many buildings on the island. 

Santorini Greece Volcano

2. Early History of Fira Santorini

Fira is such a modern spectacle and tourist destination that it’s sometimes easy to look past its incredible history. After one of the world’s largest volcanic eruptions in prehistoric times, the island went deserted for some centuries. 

Around 13th Century BC, it would be inhabited by Phoenicians, followed by the Dorians who started the settlement of Ancient Thera. The first church was constructed somewhere during the 3-4th century when Christianity arrived on Santorini.

Yet, it wasn’t until the early 1200’s that the Venetians made the island a part of their Catholic empire in the Aegean. They would choose nearby Skaros as their capital and build a castle town on the famous rock. 

From the late 16th century until 1821, the island was under Turkish rule. It was after this time that Santorini truly began to flourish with trade routes.

However, constant earthquakes would plague the old settlement of Skaros. This is what shifted the move to Fira and was the beginning of the large town you see today!

Fira Santorini Greece Guide

3. Nightlife in Fira Santorini

After all that history it is kind of wild to see what Fira has turned into today. And while nearby Mykonos may get all the shine, you should know there is plenty of exciting nightlife to experience in Santorini! Many fun bars line the cliffs of Fira and you can even get takeaway drinks to walk around with.

The best area to go out in Fira is near Theotokopoulos Main Square where you’ll find hip bars and clubs that are open late into the night. From the square, stroll down the small walking streets for more places to eat and drink. 

Eat & Walk Santorini Food Tour: Why This is the Best Way to See Fira!

Fira Greece at Night

4. Fira Santorini Shopping

Another fun thing to know about Fira town is that it’s the best place to go shopping on Santorini! Boutique shops line the streets and mix elegantly with the restaurants, bars, and viewpoints. The designer clothing and jewelry are definitely present but you can also find locally made goods and traditional Greek souvenirs. 

Fira Santorini Shopping

5. Stunning Churches of Fira Santorini

Seeing the architecture is no doubt one of the best things to do in Fira, and all of Santorini. While the colorful homes built into the cliffside may grab your attention, also keep an eye out for the many historic churches around Fira town!

The Orthodox Metropolitan Church was built in 1827 and is one you can’t miss as it sits in the Fira central square. However, our favorite would have to be the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist! This is the first catholic church in Santorini and built in 1823.

Fira Santorini Church

6. You Can Hike from Fira Town to Oia

Did you know there’s a hike between Santorini’s two most beautiful villages? The incredible 10km hike starts from Fira town and goes around the caldera to Oia. This is such a fun and unique way to get to the island’s other most famous village.

We loved doing the Fira Greece to Oia hike, watching the sunset, and taking the bus back. If you’re not up for it you can always take the bus both ways or rent a vehicle to make the journey.

→ Fira to Oia Hike: Fun Guide to the Can’t Miss Santorini Trail

Fira Town to Oia Santorini

7. Fira Was Not Always the Capital of Santorini

If you didn’t know, Fira is the bustling capital of Santorini island. Yet, many years ago it was the village in the mountains! Pyrgos is the highest town on Santorini and for good reason. In ancient times the Venetians wanted to be far away from the shores, clear of pirate and enemy attacks. 

Today you can visit Pyrgos and the beautiful castle above the town. Not only is this one of the most traditional villages in Santorini, but you’ll have epic views of Fira, Oia, and beyond.

10 Amazing Things to Know About Pyrgos Village in Santorini Greece

Island of Santorini Greece

8. Fira or Thera?

For English-speaking visitors, the name of Fira Greece might be a little confusing. I know it was for us at first! Below we break it down in the simplest way possible. 

  • Fira: The capital and main town of Santorini. 
  • Thera: The Greek name for the entire island of Santorini.

Fira Santorini Guide

9. Old Port & Cable Car to Fira Santorini

Also known as Skala, the old port of Santorini now serves a bigger purpose than the shipping trade from centuries ago. That’s because Santorini attracts millions of visitors each year and that includes an insane amount of cruise ships in the summer.

Since the port is so tiny the cruise ships can’t pull up, passengers are brought over on smaller transfer boats. From there, you can take the cable car up into Fira Santorini.

If you can believe it, in the peak months there are over 80,000 visitors a day! Many of these tourists come through the small old port to get up into Fira town. 

Fira Santorini Old Port

10. Museum of Prehistoric Thera

Looking to learn more about Fira Greece and the island of Santorini? Well, one of the best things to do in Fira for history lovers is to go to the Thera museum. Here you can see exhibits that will blow your mind!

The artifacts date back to the Neolithic period and include items uncovered from the Akrotiri ruins. It’s really amazing to see how humans lived on Santorini before and after the big volcanic eruption.

This can also be a great activity to get out of the hot sun during the summer months. If you have time, we recommend checking out the Archaeological Museum of Fira and the MATI Art Gallery as well!

Thera Santorini Museum

11. Firostefani and Imerovigli

Although Fira Santorini and Oia might get all the attention, don’t forget about these two other beautiful villages! Firostefani is located directly to the north of Fira town and often feels like they are one and the same.

There are some cheaper accommodations even with sea views in this area facing away from the main caldera. Imerovigli is a gorgeous village directly to the right of the capital.

This area doesn’t have the restaurants and nightlife of Fira Santorini, but carries its own charm and beauty. The iconic Skaros Rock sticks out from Imerovigli and is a great place to watch the sunset. Be sure to read this article for our absolute favorite sunset spot on Santorini!

Firostefani Santorini

12. Better Sunset Than Oia??

While we’re on the topic of sunsets… Our last fun fact about Fira Santorini is something that is highly debatable! While most tourists head to magical Oia for sunset on the far end of the island, we’ve actually had a better experience in Fira. Why might you ask??

Well, the fact is Oia is small and often crowded… Especially in the peak summer months. When the cruise ships are in town during July and August good luck finding a pleasant spot to watch the sunset.

There’s no doubt that Oia is a truly special place. Yet to us, it’s just as nice sitting on the walls of Fira watching it set over the volcano!

How to Visit Oia Santorini: Best Hotels + Sunset and Castle Tips

Fira Santorini Sunset

Where to Stay in Fira & More of Santorini 

Here are some hotel recommendations as well as inspiration for different areas of the island. As you can see, there is something for every type of traveler on Santorini!

Fira: Atlantis HotelPantelia SuitesEste Luxury Suites – The capital of Santorini is a great hub with lots of nightlife and shopping. 

Oia: Canaves Oia EpitomeKastro Oia HousesAllure Breeze Suites – The most iconic village in Santorini Greece with beautiful white-washed buildings & famous island and sunset views.

Imerovigli: MerovigliossoKasimatis by La PerlaWhitedeck Santorini – Traditional village with a laid-back feel. Yet still, with plenty of high-end hotels and restaurants.

Kamari: Makris Beach HotelLa Bellezza Eco Boutique HotelKalya Suites – Fun black sand beach town with lively bars and restaurants that run along the promenade. Great options for travelers on a budget. 
Akrotiri:Kalestesia Suites  – Potnia Theron Suites  – Kokkinos Villas – Mountain village set on the far side of the caldera near Red Beach and the Minoan ruins. 
Pyrgos: Apikia SantoriniPyrgos 1870, A restored WineryFlora’s House & Cave Winery  – The ancient capital of Santorini and its highest sitting town. Great views and also home to the island’s best vineyards. 
Santorini Wine

Have any questions about this amazing destination or want to share your own favorite things to do in Fira Greece? Leave us a comment below!

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Fira Santorini

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