A Food Lovers Weekend in Krakow Poland

Nothing Familiar Travel Krakow Food Tour

Who’s ready for the ultimate food weekend in Krakow Poland? This lively Polish city is filled with regional specialties, local meats, and surprisingly tasty sweets! We had an amazing three days eating our way through the city and sampling food at some of the best restaurants in Krakow. During our stay, we tried several famous meals such as a Zapiekanka, Obwarzanki, and even went vodka tasting. This Krakow food tour is set up for every kind of traveler. So whether you’re flying in for the weekend or just passing through, you’ll know where to eat in Krakow!

Poland Travel Inspiration

Where to Eat in Krakow Poland

Krakow is such a fun city to explore for food lovers! Although this article is about our own Krakow food tour, know that there are great restaurants at almost every turn. 

Use this as a loose guide and find plenty of your own place to eat and drink! You’ll be surprised by all the amazing local places and diverse cuisine Poland has to offer.

Friday Krakow Food Tour

Quick Zapiekanka for Dinner

Where: Plac Nowy
Order: Zapiekanka
Location: Plac Nowy 4B, 31-056 Krakow

We had never heard of a Zapiekanka, but after trying it we quickly understood what all the hype was about! There is one place to get this famous Polish street food, and that’s at Plac Nowy. Here you’ll find a large square with a circular structure, and close to a dozen different stands all making the famous Krakow Poland food.

We got ours at Endzior which is highly debated as the best in the city! The Zapiekanka is a long baguette that’s cut in half and topped with a mushroom sauce plus all the additional toppings that you choose.

If you’ve ever had a French bread pizza, think that but 10 times better!  You can easily split one for a snack or take down your own and be very full. Also, don’t let the inexpensive price fool you… The Zapiekanka is massive!

Zapiekanka Krakow Poland

Vodka Tasting in Krakow Old Town

Where: Wodka Cafe Bar
Order: Vodka Tasting 
Location: Mikołajska 5, 31-027 Krakow

Vodka is the cornerstone of Polish drinking culture, and it’s always a fun experience to grab a drink out. For your first taste of Vodka in Krakow head to the Wodka Cafe Bar. This ended up being one of our favorite spots as we had never done a proper Vodka tasting before.

For $10 USD you get 6 flavored shots of Vodka which we split between the two of us. Even though we usually stick to wine and beer, we found this to be the perfect introduction to Krakow’s famous liquor. We recommend trying the rose water, salted caramel, and coconut flavors!

Wodka Cafe Bar Krakow Poland

Cheap Drinks Out on the Town

Where: Wodki I Piwa
Order: Vodka, Snacks & Beer 
Location: Old Town 1Old Town 2Jewish Quarter

Once your tasting is over it’s time to hit some of the best bars in the city. It won’t be long before you notice the Wodki and Piwa signs hanging from the bar entrances. These are local watering holes that literally translate to “Vodka and Beer.”

The saloon style bars specialize in cheap Polish beers and mixed drinks, and they attract both tourists and regular residents of Krakow. We ordered the lemon and vodka shot with a side of beef tartare for just $2 USD! Also, know that there are several different locations and we linked three of our favorite above. 

Krakow Food Tour

Late Night Kielbasa at Blue Nysa

Where: Blue Nysa 
Order: Kielbasa 
Location: Take Away Stand

After you’ve sampled your way through some of the bars and best restaurants in Krakow, it’s time for one more meal! The cooks at Blue Nysa serve up one of the most scrumptious sausages in the city.

They don’t open until 8pm, and work until the late hours preparing their flame cooked kielbasa from a little food truck. Blue Nysa is set just outside the city center. However, it’s totally worth the trip when looking for where to eat in Krakow! 

Saturday Krakow Food Tour 

Big Milk Bar Breakfast 

Where: Bar Mleczny pod Temida
Order: Sour Rye Soup  
Location: Grodzka Street

Ever since eating our way through the Milk Bars in Gdańsk we’ve been slightly obsessed with them. Milk Bars are cafeteria style restaurants where all the food tastes home cooked and delicious. They also happen to be very affordable, and in many cases extremely cheap. For breakfast you can order anything from eggs and kielbasa to full plates of Pierogi and traditional soups.

On our trip to one of the best restaurants in Krakow we gave the famous Żurek bowl a shot. This sour rye based soup is a must if you go to Bar Mleczny pod Temida! We actually stopped there because of its central location. Yet if you have more time, definitely check out some of these other Polish Milk Bars on your Krakow food tour.

Food in Krakow Poland Bar Mleczny pod Temida

Afternoon Krakow Food Snack

Where: Bar Mleczny pod Temida
Order: Obwarzanki & Grilled Mountain Cheese with Cranberries
Location: Krakow Old Town

While looking for where to eat in Krakow you will quickly notice you’re surrounded by endless tasty snacks! The Obwarzanki is a braided circle-shaped bread with salt that can be found in almost every corner of the city. They won’t cost you more than 2 Zloty each and are the perfect food in Krakow to eat on the go.

If you’re up for something sweet you can opt for the grilled mountain cheese with cranberries as well. Often made with a rare sheep cheese from the Tatra Mountains, we found ourselves taking down more than one of these daily!

Best Food in Krakow

Late Afternoon Lunch

Where: Cheder
Order: Mixed Tasting Plate & Wine
Location: Jewish Quarter

Instead of the classic Eastern European food you’ll find in the Jewish quarter, Cheder has a different take! As one of the first Israeli themed restaurants in Krakow, this restaurant offers fun app style cuisine and traditional decor.

The middle eastern flavors jump off the table, and are best for sharing with a group. It’d be wise to also pair your Krakow Poland food here with one of their delicious house wines or teas!

Krakow Food Tour Breakdown

Massive Dinner Feast

Where: Wrega Pub
Order: Mixed Tasting Plate & Wine
Location: Jewish Quarter

Hopefully, you saved some room for dinner on your Krakow food tour because this place really brings it! The first thing we noticed when walking into Wręga Pub is the massive plates of ribs and traditional meats coming out of the kitchen. We’ve seen some big meals at some of the best restaurants in Krakow, but nothing like this!

Once we looked down the menu we noticed something odd, but that we needed to absolutely try. Fried pierogi? Yes, please! While most places boil their pierogi, at Wręga Pub they fry them to perfection. You can even order a platter of 27 pierogi with 3 different kinds to feast on if you’re hungry enough!

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Polish Beer

Best Restaurants in Krakow Poland

Candle Lit Drinks 

Where: Alchemia od Kuchni
Order: Vodka or Beer 
Location: Jewish Quarter

Set in the corner overlooking Plac Nowy, this bar feels like you’re stepping back in time. At night the entire place is lit by candlelight which glows off of the red walls and wooden furniture. Like in any Polish city, Vodka here is the drink of choice!

If you’re searching for something different you can also opt for a local beer or even a non-alcoholic homemade lemonade. After your drink, take a stroll around the Jewish district and enjoy more of the restaurants and bars in Krakow as they light up the streets.

Sunday Krakow Poland Food Tour 

Dessert for Breakfast 

Where: Lajkonik – Bakery & Cafe
Order: Paczki 
Location: Krakow Old Town

If you want something sweet when looking for where to eat in Krakow, we have the spot for you! The Paczki is a popular food in Krakow and can be found at almost any bakery. The sweet and sticky donuts have icing on the outside and a yummy jelly filling.

Rarely would we have room after eating so much heavy Krakow Poland food, so we had to try one for breakfast one morning! We would go onto find out the Paczki actually goes awesome with a coffee to start your day.

Polish Paczki

Lunch Before Leaving Town 

Where: Pierogarnia Krakowiacy
Order: Pierogi
Location: Krakow Old Town

If you haven’t had a plate of pierogi or any vodka in Krakow at this point we’d be seriously surprised. Yet, I think we’ve saved the best food in Krakow for last! Pierogarnia Krakowiacy offers a traditional Polish dining experience and some of the best pierogi we’ve ever had.

An important note about this restaurant is to get there right when they open at noon. We were one of many people waiting on their doorstep for them to open, and it was immediately slammed by the time we sat down. At the end of our meal the line was almost out the door, and the restaurant was filled to capacity! They’re all so good, but definitely give the Ruskie a try here first.

Best Restaurants in Krakow

Pierogi in Krakow Poland

Did we miss any of the best restaurants in Krakow that you think we should add to our list? Let us know where to eat in Krakow and all about your own Krakow food tour in the comments below! 

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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Where To Stay In Krakow Poland

Ultra Luxury – Hotel Unicus Palace – Modern luxury in the heart of the city, and within walking distance of all the best sites. Also complete with beautiful royal rooms and a wellness spa center with hot tub and sauna.

Fun Vacation – Hotel Imperial – Set by the main Market Square in Old Town, this hotel has large rooms with traditional decor and bright natural light. Hotel Imperial’s massive buffet breakfast is the perfect place to start your Krakow food tour.

Hostel Life – Mundo Hostel – Good location to all the best Krakow Poland food, and has both cozy dorms and private rooms. This hostel offers a late-night bar to enjoy Krakow Vodka, meet other travelers, and a common kitchen with free coffee and tea.

For more places to stay in Krakow you can explore the latest prices here!

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A Food Lovers Weekend in Krakow Poland

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