New York to Boston by Train: 6 Helpful Tips to Know First

New York to Boston by Train

Traveling from New York to Boston by train is one of the best ways to get between these two great cities. We’ve taken flights, buses, and made the drive, but after taking the train for the first time we were sold. So whether you’re planning a trip to the east coast or looking for a fun and easy way to travel, we got you covered!

Why Should You Travel From New York to Boston by Train?

There are a number of reasons why traveling from New York to Boston by train will make sense for your journey. Let’s start off with the fact that it’s extremely convenient! Once you get to the world-famous Penn Station in New York City and jump on the train, you’ll be en route direct to Boston. 

That’s right! No switching or getting off the train. In just a few short hours you’ll be pulling into the heart of downtown Boston at South Station!

Flying is obviously the fastest way to get from New York to Boston. Yet, when you factor in the price, time getting to the airport, going through security, etc… it can be quite the hassle.

We’ve taken the bus several times as well and it’s simply not as comfortable as going from New York to Boston by train.

The second option we would pick is to a rent a cheap car. This makes sense if you want to do a road trip and explore several places along the way. However, the downside is if you choose to drive you’ll have to deal with traffic, parking, and the hefty expense of gas.

After factoring in all of these things, it’s no wonder why the Boston to New York train is such a popular option!

New York to Boston Train

6 Tips For Traveling From New York to Boston by Train

1. Buy Your Tickets in Advance

The first tip we have for you is to purchase your tickets in advance. As soon as you know your schedule you’ll want to head to the Amtrak website and buy your seats.

As we mentioned, this route from Boston to New York by train is very popular. That means the tickets will sell out fast! Not only that, but the price will likely increase the closer to the date of departure with the train filling up.

Train New York to Boston

2. Consider the New York to Boston Express Train

When booking our train from New York to Boston we noticed there was different durations. Some were anywhere from 4 to 5 hours while another was closer to 3.5. 

Luckily, there wasn’t much of a price difference for us to take the shorter express train! On the dates and times we picked it was only $15 more for each ticket. While this isn’t always the case, it’s something to consider when traveling from New York to Boston by train. 

You’ll also be able to pick which class and cabin you prefer. For such a long ride it may be nice to treat yourself to a first class ticket!

New York to Boston Train Tickets

3. Get to the Train Early

If you live in New York or have visited before then you know what the traffic can be like. I mean it is one of the biggest cities in the world after all!

For this reason, make sure you get to Penn Station early. Check out the Best Hiltons in NYC before your visit and pick somewhere close to give yourself more time.

The last thing you want is to miss your train from New York to Boston that you’ve already paid for. In addition, Pennsylvania Station underwent a $6 Billion dollar renovation in 2021.

While it may have been nothing special years back it’s now a really nice place to hang out! We recommend arriving early, grabbing a bite to eat, and relaxing before your departure time.

Make sure you pay attention to the electronic boards and loudspeaker announcements. The gate number isn’t typically announced until shortly before boarding. 

New York to Boston Train Schedule

4. Check Your Cabin & Seat Number

When traveling from New York to Boston by train know that there are different types of tickets. Depending on the train, you’ll either have reserved or open seating. Reserved means you have an actual seat number your assigned, while open seating means you can sit anywhere within your cabin class.

Also check what cabin you are in so you can board at the right section of the train! It will be annoying (especially if it’s open seating) to move throughout the cabins after you get on. The employees do come around and check your tickets so make sure to follow these rules!

From New York to Boston by Train

5. New York to Boston Train Activities

It’s quite a long ride so make sure you have something to keep you occupied on the train. We love to use our kindles to read while travel, watching movies, or use the opportunity to work and write blogs.

There is wifi on Amtrak which is a nice perk of going from New York to Boston by train. You will also have some decent views out the window during the portion of the ride along the ocean. 

Sleeping is also a nice option to pass the time. Just make sure you set an alarm so you don’t miss your stop in Boston!

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New York to Boston Train Tips

6. Know Where You’re Getting Off

The last thing to know about going from New York to Boston by train is which stop to get off at. This is important as there are 2 different stops once you get to Boston. You’ll have the option of either getting off at Back Bay or South Station.

South Station will be the official last stop with everyone exiting the train and also where you make connections to Boston Logan International Airport.

New York to Boston Express Train

Have any questions about this article or want to share your own tips for traveling from New York to Boston by train? Leave us a comment below! 

Safe Travels,
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New York to Boston

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