13 Best Restaurants in Sayulita Mexico Street Tacos & More

Sayulita Restaurant

The small and charming seaside town of Sayulita Mexico is packed full of amazing restaurants! Sayulita has gained popularity over the years with international backpackers, surfers, and yogis. With this new surge of travelers, a fun and unique mix of restaurants has come to be. This means in addition to the best traditional Sayulita Mexican food, you can also find smoothie spots, international restaurants, and so much more! 

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How Did We Find the Best Sayulita Restaurants?

This blog shouldn’t come without a quick warning. Sayulita was our first stop in Mexico after not vising the country for several years and we were CRAVING tacos. Many of the spots listed below are fun tacos stands and quick meals!

Also, it was impossible to try every Sayulita restaurant in one week. Use our list as a fun guide, but also explore the town for yourself and discover your own favorite places to eat!

Sayulita Restaurant Tips

  • Not all the locations are on google maps. In this case, we will link to the closest spot. 
  • Make sure to have cash as most of the street food and even the best restaurants in Sayulita don’t take credit cards. 
  • Many of the Sayulita restaurants are small shops where the tables and chairs spill into the streets. 
  • Most places seem to have random hours and are open on different days. Don’t be upset if your first choice is closed when you go to visit!
  • We list the cost we paid at the time of our trip. The prices may also not be listed at the taco stands so ask before ordering.  
  • Watch the sauce! They can be very spicy especially the red ones. 

Best Sayulita Restaurants

1. Tacos Al Pastor Tal Ivan

This was the first Sayulita restaurant we ate at in town and it was the perfect meal to welcome us back to Mexico. The Al Pastor meat wheel is spinning from afternoon to late at night and the tacos are perfect at any time. In addition to Al Pastor, they have a range of other options like quesadillas, volcanos, and tostadas. 

*There are actually two locations for Tacos Al Pastor Tal Ivan. Near the park is open almost every day while the second location we only saw open at night on the weekends.  

Cost: 18 Pesos Per Taco Al Pastor 

Sayulita Restaurant Guide

2. Tacos Al Pastor Diaz 

Just across the street from the park and Tacos Al Pastor Tal Ivan it will be hard to miss another massive wheel of spinning Al Pastor meat. In the exact same style, the tacos Al Pastor are the go-to and we loved the sauce bar that was set up. This Sayulita restaurant had more outdoor seats and is shaded from the hot afternoon sun. 

Cost: 18 Pesos Per Taco Al Pastor 
Location: Tacos Al Pastor Diaz

Sayulita Mexican Food

3. Birria “Paty”

One morning we walked through town and couldn’t believe the line at this small popup stand. Set outside of a convenience store, Birria Paty sells tacos that are stuffed with meat then fried on the grill.

Add onions, cilantro, and sauces after ordering. There are certainly more locals than tourists here which is always a good sign!

Cost: 20 Pesos Per Taco 
Location: Birria “Paty”

Sayulita Restaurants

4. Tacos Gaby

On the corner next door to Birria is a small stand that is literally built into the alleyway. Here you can get a range of seafood tacos, but we saw everyone ordering the shrimp. Tacos Gaby is often packed for lunch so try to go early in the day when everything is fresh!

Cost: 40 Pesos Per Fish & Shrimp Taco 
Location: Tacos Gaby

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5. Sayulita Restaurant ORGANI-K

Ready for a switch up from the Sayulita Mexican food? This is the spot to go! Just over the bridge in town, this cute cafe makes great smoothies, smoothie bowls, and even poke bowls to enjoy. We loved the little outdoor area and vibe of this Sayulita restaurant.

Cost: 150 Peso Smoothie Bowls 
Location: ORGANI-K Sayulita 

6. Naty’s Kitchen

If you’re looking for the best Sayulita restaurant for vegetarians and vegans this should be your first stop in town. While they have just as delicious meat options such as pork with cactus, you’ll also find many veggie tacos.

There are a few tables outside or you can get your food to take it to the beach. Order 2 to 3 portions with rice and beans for something more filling. 

Cost: Tacos 20 Pesos and Portions 30 
Location: Naty’s Kitchen

7. The Real Fish Taco

Set down by the beach, this fish taco stand has been written up by several travel magazines as having the best in town. I watched them being made and the fish was cut fresh, battered, and cooked to order.

For roughly $2 each, they were large and delicious. It’s also a nice Sayulita restaurant just steps from the beach. They are known for their fish tacos but don’t miss out on the shrimp! 

Cost: 40 Pesos per Fish Taco 
Location: The Real Fish Taco

Fish Taco Sayulita

8. Sayulita Restaurant Barracuda 

As one of the best Sayulita restaurants set right on the beach, this is actually a bar with a food truck parked in the back. Barracuda is a great spot to grab some late afternoon drinks and try what they are known for… The ceviche! You can order a large portion to share with friends or individual tostadas for a light snack. 

Cost: Beers 35 Pesos and Fish Civiche Tostada 35 Pesos  
Location: Barracuda

Ceviche Restaurant

9. The Break Cafe

The Break Cafe is just off the main street set overlooking the beach. You can take a seat directly outside the cafe or in the small garden on the sand where the majority of tables and chairs are. We just had smoothies there as we were full from all the other Sayulita Mexican food but it looked so good!

Cost: Beers 30 Pesos
Location: The Break Cafe

The Break Cafe

10. Sayulita Restaurant La Rustica 

No place showcases the international influence on Sayulita as this high-end open-air Italian restaurant! Honestly, you might have to do a double-take as it looks like you’re walking past somewhere in Europe. It’s one of the most expensive places to grab a meal in town but comes highly rated if you are looking for a solid pizza. 

Cost: Pizza 200+ Pesos 
Location: La Rustica 

La Rustica

11. El Diablito Tortas Ahogadas

During lunch, this corner spot serves up something different from most of the other Sayulita restaurants. Order a torta ahogadas which is a pork sandwich on fresh bread. Don’t worry if it looks a little basic at first. That’s because you’ll need to head over to the small cart and load your sandwich with sauce, onions, and more! 

Cost: 65 Pesos per sandwich
Location: El Diablito Trotas Ahogadas 

Sayulita Restaurants Guide

12. Sayulita Restaurant Yeikame

Serving up one of the most popular big breakfasts in town, there is only a hand full of tables outside at Yeikame. Honestly, you’ll be lucky to get a spot on some mornings!

Jake had the special of 3 eggs over fried tortillas with cheese while I went for a chorizo breakfast burrito. Also, don’t miss out on the sauces that they put on the table as they will really elevate the meal!

Cost: 70-110 Pesos for Brekafast 
Location: Restaurant Yeikame

Mexico Breakfast

13. Sayulita Café Casa del Chile Relleno

Sayulita doesn’t have many fancy sit-down places but this one is definitely worth trying! We visited this Sayulita restaurant one night for dinner and were blown away by their stuffed pepper plates.

Grab a seat on the 2nd floor for a view above the town and enjoy something different. This one is especially good for a romantic dinner for couples!

Cost: 150-200+ For Dinner Plates 
Location: Sayulita Café Casa del Chile Relleno

Sayulita Mexico Restaurants

Have you tried Sayulita Mexican food in this beautiful coastal town on the Pacific coast? What are the best Sayulita restaurants you went to while visiting? Let us know in the comments below! 

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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Where to Stay in Sayulita Mexico

Ultra LuxuryHotel Boutique Siete Lunas – Set in the hillside just above town, this upscale hotel offers all the amenities for a tropical escape. 

Beach SideHotel Ysuri Sayulita – 5-Star hotel with a beautiful pool that above the action of Sayulita beach. Modern rooms with private balconies and steps from the town center. 

Fun VacationAurinko Bungalows – Unique tropical style rooms in the heart of Sayulita Mexico. Perfect for travelers looking to be in the action while also having a nice spot to relax. 

Quiet AreaDon Bonito Hotel – Located just outside the town center, Don Bonito is only one street away from the beach. This chic hotel is great for those looking for a relaxing vacation. 

Working RemoteSelina Sayulita – Selina offers dorms and private rooms with a focus on being a digital nomad hotspot. Perfect for travelers who work remotely and are looking to meet other like-minded people. 

Female OnlyMy Sisters House – If you are a solo female or traveling with your girlfriends this is a women’s only hostel close to the city center and best Sayulita restaurants. 

Hostel LifeLa Redonda Sayulita Hostal – Basic hostel-style accommodation for those looking to enjoy the nightlife, best Sayulita restaurants, and meet other travelers. 

For more places to stay in Sayulita Mexico you can explore the latest prices here!


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