Best Food in South Carolina: 13 Must Try Dishes & Drinks

Best Food in South Carolina

Searching for what to eat in South Carolina? The best food is a mix of local South Carolina seafood and hearty cooking. Whether you’d love to try something new or just enjoy your favorite southern classics, this state has something for everyone! So what food is South Carolina known for? Get ready to dig into some of the mouthwatering dishes we’ve tried so far.  

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Best Food in South Carolina

1. Low Country Boil

No trip to South Carolina is complete without trying a Low Country Boil! A mix of corn, kielbasa sausage, clams, shrimp, and potatoes are seasoned with old bay and boiled to perfection.

You can find this classic meal at almost every seafood restaurant. It’s also at the local seafood markets if you’d like to cook it at home.

Food in South Carolina

2. Chicken Bog

Chicken Bog is another meal you’ll find all over the South Carolina food scene! Everyone makes their Chicken Bog slightly different, but it’s mostly rice, chicken, cheese, and seasonings. Sometimes you may even find chicken bog cooked with smoked sausage.  

3. South Carolina BBQ

You can’t list the best food in South Carolina without mentioning the barbeque! From ribs that fall off the bone to pulled pork and brisket, there’s no denying that SC has some of the most delicious BBQ in the country. You won’t have to look far to find tasty meat on the grill in South Carolina.  

South Carolina Food

4. Boiled Peanuts

If you’ve never tried boiled peanuts before you’re in for a surprise! The classic peanuts are literally boiled until the shell and nuts become a softer texture. So don’t expect a crunch when you bite in!

You can find them at bars, markets, or even gas stations. We love peanuts so it was fun to try a new and unique type. This is definitely a great snack to order when looking for what to eat in South Carolina! 

South Carolina Boiled Peanuts

5. Hush Puppies

Hush Puppies are an absolute staple of South Carolina food! They’re made from flour, corn mill, egg, onion, and spices. The ingredients are then mixed together and deep-fried until golden. Hush Puppies are so popular they are often served for free in place of traditional bread at some restaurants.

6. Shrimp & Grits

Much of the best food in South Carolina involves seafood, and that’s definitely true of shrimp and grits! We’ve had this special dish in other places in the south, but the best was right here.

This meal may be different everywhere but the basic contents stay the same. Creamy shrimp topped with a heaping pile of grits! 

Shrump and Grits South Carolina

7. Pimento Cheese

This South Carolina snack is made with a mix of cheese, mayonnaise, and pimentos. Each recipe can differ slightly adding a little extra spice or secret ingredient. Pimento cheese is commonly used on sandwiches but is also eaten on crackers or as a dip for vegetables. 

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8. Peel and Eat Shrimp

You may be wondering what food South Carolina is known for on its long splendid coast. Well, it’s full of delicious seafood and one of the most popular local specialties is the shrimp.

You will find shrimp served in many different ways around the state. Personally, our favorite is the peel and eat. Once cooked the shrimp is covered in Old Bay seasoning and ready to eat! 

South Carolina Food Tip: By now you can tell you’ll be getting your hands dirty when diving into South Carolina food. So roll up those sleeves and get to peelin’! 

What to Eat in South Carolina

9. Peaches & More Fruits

Most people would associate peaches with the state of Georgia, but they are actually just as delicious and popular in South Carolina! Found at every roadside stand and supermarket, summer is the best time to indulge in the juicy and delicious South Carolina peaches. More popular fruits here include apples, figs, nectarines, and plums.

10. Pork Rinds

Ever tried a pork rind?? This likely isn’t an appetizer you’ve seen on a menu outside the south! Deep-fried pork skins are puffed and fried which makes for a unique snack.

Now deep-fried pork fat might not be the healthiest option… Especially when you’re dipping them into Pimento cheese sauce! Yet, pork rinds hit just right with an ice cold beer on a hot summer day.

South Carolina Food Guide

11. Tomato Pie 

When pie typically comes to mind you’re probably thinking of something sweet. However, that’s not always the case when looking for what to eat in South Carolina! 

This pie has a crispy golden crust filled with tomato, sharp cheddar, parmesan, sweet onion, and mayonnaise. The cooler winter months are the best time to enjoy this hearty pie.

What food is South Carolina Known For

12. She-Crab Soup

Crab is an extremely popular seafood item in South Carolina, and definitely worth a try on your visit. The thick and creamy soup is combined with generous amounts of crab and spices. It makes for a delicious starter before diving into more of the best food in South Carolina.

13. Sweet Tea

Sweet tea rules in South Carolina! The recipe for this southern specialty is simple. Black tea is cooled and loaded with sugar, ice, and a nice wedge of lemon. There’s honestly nothing better than sweet tea to accompany your South Carolina food!

Sweet Tea

What do you think the best food in South Carolina is? Let us know in the comments what we missed! We can’t wait to try more tasty food in South Carolina on our next trip.

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What to Eat in South Carolina

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