Blue Lagoon Malta: 10 Things to Know About the Island Adventure

Blue Lagoon Malta

Most travelers heading to Malta have heard about the magical Blue Lagoon. I know it’s a place we were most excited about when planning our trip! This incredible swimming spot stands out as one of the best things to do in the islands that make up this beautiful country. What was not so clear was what the boat trip would be like, and what else we would see around the Blue Lagoon and Comino Island in Malta. So join us as we tell you all about our experience at the Blue Lagoon in Malta, and how to book the perfect boat tour! 

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1. Get to the Blue Lagoon Early

The first thing you’ll want to look for when booking your Blue Lagoon Malta tour is that your boat is getting there early. By arriving at the Blue Lagoon in Comino early you’ll ensure you’re one of the first to swim in the striking blue water!

Our boat set sail at 9:30am and we arrived at the Blue Lagoon just after 10. While there were already some private boats around we were the first of the larger ones to arrive. This makes a massive difference as by noon it will be completely packed with people! 

Blue Lagoon Malta Boat Tour

2. It’s a Party

One thing you’ll notice immediately at the Blue Lagoon Malta is that it’s one big party! Most of the tour boats have a full bar to choose from and travelers on vacation are definitely ready to enjoy themselves. Also, once you get to the Blue Lagoon you’ll see several bars and food shacks waiting to serve you. You can even get a cocktail served inside a pineapple!

Blue Lagoon Boat Party

3. Endless Tour Operators 

There are many boat tours that run from Sliema, Bugibba Harbor, and Gozo to Comino Island Malta. How you pick your Blue Lagoon boat all depends on what type of experience you’d like. There is everything from massive ships with up to 100 people on board to small catamarans and private tours.

→ We sailed with Sea Bird Catamaran and booked our tickets directly on Get Your Guide.

Blue Lagoon Malta Tour

4. Starting in Gozo 

Many travelers don’t realize that you can also start your trip from the island of Gozo. Gozo sits directly across from the Blue Lagoon and is just a quick trip away. Here you can book a boat tour or jump on one of the Gozo to Blue Lagoon taxis that run back and forth all day. A taxi is a great option if you want to experience the Blue Lagoon, but don’t want a full boat tour of Comino Island.

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Comino Island Malta

5. Underwater World Around Blue Lagoon Malta

The Blue Lagoon gets its name from the unique shade of turquoise water. However, all around Comino Island Malta you will find crystal clear water that is full of sea life. For this reason, it’s a must to bring your snorkel! Most Blue Lagoon Comino boat tours will have rentals available if you don’t have your own.

6. Don’t Miss Your Blue Lagoon Boat

If you do take one of the larger boats there is something extremely important to point out! You must be back on board before the announced departure time. If you are on a private smaller boat this might not be as much of a worry. Yet, it’s still something to keep an eye on.

At the Blue Lagoon, there was a group that enjoyed a few to manny pineapple cocktails and missed the boat! We wouldn’t have even realized except we saw them pull up at our next stop on another boat they hired to catch up with us.

Comino Island Malta Guide

7. Comino Island Has Unreal Sea Caves

Before our visit, we had no idea about the sea caves of Comino. All surrounding this magical island are rocks and beautiful swimming holes to experience. One reason we loved our Catamaran tour so much is that it got up close to the sea caves. We had so many opportunities to swim in and around the many caves on Comino Island Malta!

Comino Island Malta

8. Cliff Jumping at Crystal Lagoon

After the Blue Lagoon, our favorite place we stopped was the Crystal Lagoon! This was not only an incredible swimming spot, but we also got to watch the daredevils cliff jumping. On the far side of the lagoon, there are rocks you can climb that go as high as 50 feet! In fact, they’re so high we saw some people change their minds from the top and walk back down. We have to say we can’t really blame them! 

Cliff Jumping at Crystal Lagoon

9. Visit Popeye Village 

Depending on your Blue Lagoon boat tour you may make the trip to Popeye Village. This old 1980’s film set is interesting to see from the water, but we didn’t get a chance to actually explore it. Our boat stopped in front of a large concrete block which was fun to swim and jump off of. 

Popeye Village Malta

10. Private Boat Tour 

If we visited the Blue Lagoon again we would opt to pay more for a smaller boat or even a private experience. We would also spend several nights in Gozo and depart from there which is a very quick boat ride away. While we enjoyed our larger Catamaran, we typically prefer a more personal experience. This way we could have stopped and swim where we chose and experience more of Blue Lagoon Comino!  

Have you done a Blue Lagoon Malta boat tour and loved your trip? Share what company you used in the comments below!

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