Best Czech Food in Prague: 11 Delicious Dishes We Tried & Loved!

Czech Food

After arriving in Prague, one of the first things on our minds was hunting down some delicious Czech Food! Having never been to the country before, the capital city was our introduction to all the amazing food in the Czech Republic. In this article, we share what to eat in Prague and some great restaurant recommendations. It’s easy to see why this is a city every foodie falls in love with.

Quick Intro to the Best Prague Food

Czech food is hearty, flavorful, and often compared to its neighbors of Germany, Poland, and Austria. These are the type of meals that you want to enjoy on a cool afternoon day after walking around the city. Different variations of meat and potatoes are common with thick sauces and tasty sides. 

Of course, we need to mention the beer in Prague, too! As the beer capital of Europe, there isn’t a meal available that can’t be paired with an ice-cold Pilsner.

Some say that beer is cheaper than water in Prague… And with the prices often at 50 Koruna (2 Euros) or less, that certainly isn’t far off. After you’ve figured out what to eat in Prague, head to the Original Beer Spa for a unique experience.

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Best Czech Food in Prague

What to Eat in Prague 

1. Moravian Sparrow

This scrumptious pork dish can be a little confusing because of its name. Just know there isn’t actually any sparrow in it at all! The dish that originated in the Moravia region is a classic Prague food that can be found at almost every traditional Czech restaurant.

Moravian Sparrow typically comes with bread dumplings and sauerkraut. We decided to get it with the potato dumplings because we personally prefer them.

This dish and the next three on our list we tried at Havelská Koruna. It’s an extremely popular cafeteria-style Prague restaurant with inexpensive traditional food. We recommend going right when they open at 10am otherwise you’ll be in for a long wait.

Czech food Prague

2. Beef with Czech Dill Sauce

Beef and boiled potatoes are smothered with creamy dill sauce giving this Prague food a unique taste. The sauce is thick and very tangy and spills over the meat and potatoes. Still, the dill isn’t overpowering and goes great with the classic plate.

Best Czech food

3. Beef Sirloin & Dumplings 

Also known as Svickova, this incredible beef medley is the national dish of the Czech Republic! Root vegetables serve as the base for this sauce which is poured over roasted beef tenderloin and dumplings. The red sauce is less overpowering than the dill, but every bit as tasty.

Czech Food in Prague

4. Sour Lentils with Ham

Lentils are popular in Czech cuisine with sour lentils being the most common way they are prepared. Enjoy the flavorful kick which isn’t as sour as you would expect from its name. Instead of beef, this Prague food is often served with a large slice of pork and pickles. 

Best food in Prague Czech

5. Pork Schnitzel

Schnitzel is a Prague food classic that can be found on almost every menu. First, the pork is breaded and fried in butter which gives it its crispy taste. 

Most of the schnitzel we found when looking for what to eat in Prague came with a side of creamy potato salad. This simple, yet delicious addition is made with boiled potatoes, eggs, root vegetables, and mayonnaise.

We had it at Lokál which is an awesome Prague restaurant in Old Town serving up fresh daily menus.

Food in Prague

6. Beef Goulash

If you’ve never had goulash you’re in for a real treat! Beef, onions, and spices are mixed together in a mind-blowing stew. Like many plates of food in Prague, the star of the show is the sauce.

We were fortunate enough to try Goulash twice on our Prague food adventures. The first was at a great restaurant called Ferdinanda (first photo) which isn’t far from the main shopping area in town. This goulash was a bit thicker here and served as a main course with dumplings. 

The second Prague restaurant we had it at was as a side soup at Lokál in Old Town. The Goulash was completely different but absolutely delicious! This was just the hearty meal we needed before climbing up all those massive Prague Towers.

Food in Prague Beef Goulash

Prague Czech Food

7. Fried Cheese

Yes, this is a Czech food that is exactly as it sounds. A large chunk of cheese is breaded and deep fried then served with a side of fries and tartar sauce. While this is typically a cheap dish that you will find at a bar it is wildly popular throughout the country.

We tried it on one of the floating stationary boats along the Vltava River, and it went extremely well with a cold beer. Our boat was located across from Kavarna Trieste Bar and connected to the Prague Steamboat Company. This makes it the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the view before jumping on an actual boat tour.

Best Prague Czech Food

8. Pickled Cheese 

Along with our fried treat at this Prague restaurant, we also ordered the pickled cheese! It was definitely a cheesy overload but on this day we couldn’t help ourselves. 

It came with bread, spicy peppers, and sweet onions. We were surprised the cheese had a sweeter taste instead of salty. Nevertheless, we really enjoyed the combo with spicy peppers and bread.

Czech Food Pickled Cheese

9. Pork Knuckle

Now there is some debate over the next hefty plate on our Prague food list. You will see the giant Pork Knuckle on almost every menu, from Old Town to Lesser Town across the Charles Bridge.

Yet, our local guide told us she normally only eats it on holidays. While it may not be a part of the everyday Czech diet, it is certainly popular with those visiting the country. We can tell you that we definitely enjoyed our pork knuckle in Prague.

Best Food Prague Czech

10. Klobasa

Klobasa is a large grilled sausage that comes with bread and sometimes peppers. If you’ve ever been to this part of Europe you may have already tried different variations of this before.

We loved stopping at the many riverfront bars and beer gardens serving up drinks with this popular Czech food. The best klobasa we had was at Beer Garden Riegrovy. Don’t worry though! You can find this food in Prague almost everywhere in the city.

Czech Food Kielbasa

11. Fruit Dumplings 

Fruit dumplings are such a fun summer food in Czech Republic. The sweet fruit may have your brain geared toward dessert. Surprisingly though, this part of Czech cuisine is actually eaten as a meal. 

We stopped into Knedlín in old town which has a massive range of fruity dumplings. While the style is more modern than traditional, it was fun to try this Czech food after hearing so much about it. We went for strawberry and can attest that it is one of the yummiest flavors.

Prague Food Fruit Dumplings

More of the Best Prague Food

Obviously, there are more than 11 options when looking for the best food in Prague. There is such a great variety of dishes from all over the country sprinkled around this city. You’re sure to have some incredible meals in between your visit to the Prague Castle and more fun attractions around old town.

From the beer gardens to the street food carts, and traditional Prague restaurants, there’s no shortage of amazing cuisine to try! Use this as a loose guide to go out on your own Czech food adventures. 

Have any questions about what to eat in Prague or want to share your own Prague restaurant recommendations? Be sure to leave us a comment below.

Safe Travels,
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Prague Food

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