3 Best Tacos in Rosarito Mexico & What to Order

The Rosarito food scene in Mexico is filled with an endless amount of amazing taco spots! Luckily San Diego to Rosarito is under a one hour drive. So even if you’re across the border you’ll have the best tacos in Rosarito Mexico easily accessible. Whether it’s your first time or you’re already a Mexico taco pro, here’s where to find the best restaurants and food in Rosarito!

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Best Tacos in Rosarito Mexico

Before finding out where to eat the best tacos in Rosarito you need to know all about the flavors! If you’re coming from San Diego to Rosarito then you should already be familiar. Yet, if you don’t here’s a quick rundown of the types of tacos to expect at Rosarito Mexico restaurants.

Al Pastor

First things first. If you walk past a Rosarito Mexico food stand and the meat is spinning that’s usually the key indicator that it’s legit. The large vertical hunk of pork that you see rotating is typically called al pastor. Honestly, if you’ve never had it youโ€™re severely missing out! Marinated with guajillo chiles and achiote, the al pastor flavor always makes for some of the best tacos in Rosarito.

Typical Garnish: Chopped white onion, cabbage, and tomato.

Al Pastor - Best Tacos in Rosarito


Who doesn’t love a good beef taco? Yet don’t for a second think of your home-cooked minced beef here! At most Rosarito Mexico restaurants the thin slices of marinated beef are slung over hot flaming grills, and chard right in front of your eyes. Carne is one of the most popular tacos from Mexico, and can be found at almost every taco stand from San Diego to Rosarito.

Typical Garnish: Creamy guacamole, cilantro, and chopped white onions.

Rosarito Mexico Food


Before moving to San Diego we were never big fried fish fans. However, that quickly changed after trying some of the best food in Rosarito! After our first trip south of the border our minds were officially blown.

What you want to look for is the fresh fish being coated in a light batter and cooked to serve. The al pastor and carne are delicious, but you’ll want to taste the fish in this ocean town as well!

Typical Garnish: Cabbage, tomato, and onions.

Rosarito Mexico Restaurants

It’s All in the Sauce

Maybe just as important as the Rosarito food itself is the spicy sauce collection. Usually what you want to see is a hot jalapeno, fire chile, and some type of milky crema to cool down your taste buds. It’s very common to see tasty sauces like this at the best San Diego taco restaurants as well. So don’t be nervous… Go heavy and hard with these sauces!

Best Tacos in Rosarito Mexico

Best Rosarito Mexico Restaurants and Taco Stands

El Timรณn del Vince’s

Right on the main strip of town, this small stand pumps out some of the best tacos in Rosarito! Vince’s has nothing more than a few stools, but it makes up for its lack of seating with an outstanding selection. The tacos only cost $1 USD each, and you can’t go wrong with the fresh fish!

Tacos El Paisano

El Paisano is also in downtown Rosarito, and is the place to go to see the whole hunk of al pastor meat spinning. Long picnic style tables fill the inside, and the line moves quickly at the counter as they crank out delicious tacos. Late at night you may see lines of locals waiting to get some of the best food in Rosarito. Still, it moves fast and it’s worth the wait to get a taste of the al pastor and carne.

K38 Taco Surf

This small shack is about a 15 minute ride from the main part of Rosarito, but it’s well worth the trip! We have honestly never been from San Diego to Rosarito without making at least one stop here. Doubling as a famous surf destination, K38 is the ultimate Baja California experience. Don’t miss out on the carne tacos at this amazing spot!

San Diego to Rosarito K38

K38 Tacos Best food in Rosarito

Did we miss any of the best food in Rosarito? Comment below and let us know! 

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  1. Terry Dwyer
    August 28, 2018 / 9:48 am

    Tacos El Paisano are the best tacos on the planet. Period! Across the street El Nido has nuclear margs and the best mesquite fired steaks on the planet. Period!

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