Planning a trip to Singapore? After many visits, this city has become one of our absolute favorites in Southeast Asia! Here’s where you can find our best Singapore travel tips, food guides, and much more.

Our first Singapore trip was back in 2016 during our first journey to Asia. As with many travelers, we had a two day layover here which gave us a small taste of the city. Little did we know, we would be making multiple visits in the following years!

Ever since, Singapore has become a routine stop on every trip we’ve made to Southeast Asia. So much so, that we make a point to fly through there almost every time! We even stayed at the famous Marina Bay Sands Hotel for Jake’s 30th birthday.

One of our favorite parts about Singapore is simply strolling around and taking in the futuristic architecture. The way it intertwines with the gardens and nature is truly magical.

Be sure to explore Gardens by the Bay and walk the OBCB Skyway for an incredible view of the Supertrees. The nightly light shows are sure to be a highlight for any traveler, too!

While we love everything about Singapore, the main reason we keep coming back is the food! Hawker Centres are massive food courts sprinkled around the city, and feature dishes from around Southeast Asia. Accommodations can be expensive, but you’ll be happy to know you can still eat cheap street food in Singapore.

Check out all our Singapore travel guides for tips, and to hear all about our experiences. We’re sure to be back there soon, so stay tuned for more articles!

Singapore Travel Tips

Money: The Singapore dollar is the official currency.

Location: Singapore is located in Southeast Asia on the southern end of the Malay Peninsula. It’s often seen as the hub of the region as it holds the world’s 2nd largest port.

Language: Both Mandarin and Malay are spoken throughout the country. You’ll also find it easy to communicate in English in the city center.

Seasons: Singapore has a tropical climate which makes it a popular year-round destination. However, the best time to visit is from December to June for the least amount of rain.

What to Eat & Drink: We could go on forever about the food in Singapore! There are many high-end restaurants to eat at, but we much prefer the hawker centres. Each neighborhood has its own delicious specialties, from Chinatown to Little India.