Himare Albania Guide: 7 Best Things to Do Near the Beach

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When first arriving in Himare we were ready for a traditional Albanian experience. However, what was described to us as a local fishing village didn’t come exactly as advertised. What we found were more Italian-style cafes and western restaurants lining the beach. Things are changing fast in Albania, and Himare seemed like a perfect example of that. Yet, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good time! Himare Beach is absolutely stunning. The beautiful setting under the mountains is perfect for any holiday in the Mediterranean. Despite that touristy feeling near the beach, there are some great hotels to stay in and plenty of fun things to do in Himare Albania!

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7 Best Things to do in Himare Albania 

1. Himare Beach Hopping

Let’s start with the obvious… Himare Beach is the main centerpiece of town and it’s why everyone is drawn to this gorgeous area. From the moment you step on the tiny gray pebbles until the second you take your first dive in the clearly sparkly water, you’ll see how amazing this place is. Don’t worry, there isn’t just one beach in Himare either!

There is actually a stretch of half a dozen beaches and coves that wrap around the peninsula including Marachi, Sfageio, and Prinos. Surrounded by the green mountains and old town up above, you may find yourself here all day long. If you’re beach bums like us, you might even overstay your welcome to the point of a harsh sunburn!

Himare Beach Albania

Beach Hopping in Himare Albania

2. Visit Himare Old Town

Another place you can hike to is old Himare above the beach. You may prefer to take a cheap taxi here as it’s steep and you’ll likely be walking on the side of the road with no path. This is where you’ll find more local culture and history than you will at the beach!

Some people choose to stay at one of the Himare Albania hotels away from the beach towards old town, but we wouldn’t advise that. Unless you have a car of course, I doubt you’ll want to be climbing up and down the hill every day! Nonetheless, it is worth a visit to see the Castle of Himare and some of the historic churches. 

3. Hike from Himare to Livadhi Beach

There are some great hikes around Hirame, especially to other beaches. The best one we did was to Livadhi Beach which also continues on to Jala beach if you’re up for it. If you’re facing the water in town it will be the next large cove to your right.

The 45-minute hike to Livadhi is not too difficult, and you’ll also find a great outlook of the entire Albanian coastline on the way. Be sure to stop at the Blue Bay beach bar for a snack or drink when you get to Livadhi! 

→ How to Get to Livadhi Beach Albania: Fun Coastal Hike from Himare

Livadhi Beach Albania

4. Rent a Vehicle in Himare Albania

Now it’s completely understandable if you don’t want to do any hiking on your Albanian Riviera vacation. Honestly, if there wasn’t the promise of Livadhi on the other side we may have not even moved from Himare Beach!

Should you need to add a dose of adventure from your Himare hotel it’s easy to rent a motorbike, car, or ATV. Just a few miles south you can visit Porto Palermo Fortress and many other secluded beaches. Jala is another incredible beach in between Himare and Dhermi if you get a chance.

Cruising along the stunning Albanian Riviera is enough of a reason to rent a vehicle, but make sure to take extra precautions. The mountain roads are steep, and safe driving is not exactly enforced in Albania. 

Best Himare Albania Things to Do

5. Jump on a Himare Boat Trip

Out of all the things to do in Himare Albania, few can compare to taking a boat out on the ocean! If you head out into the main dock you’ll notice a few boat companies offering different excursions. This is a great way to go fishing, snorkeling, or visit other beaches only accessible by boat!

You can negotiate a set time and rate directly with a captain or jump on a group trip. Take advantage of this if you’re looking to get out on the water and try something different in Himare Albania. 

Himare Albania Best Things to Do Boat Trip

6. Eating Out in Himare Albania

After spending time in Saranda and the mountain town of Gjirokaster we were slightly disappointed with the Himare food scene. While the stretch of restaurants and bars has amazing views of the ocean, the local vibe (and prices) were definitely missing from our prior experiences.

I guess the thing that most threw us off was seeing the “Hollywood food” stand right where we got off the bus. Almost every restaurant lining the beach is a higher-end Italian restaurant. We love pizza and pasta as much as the next traveler, but we were really in the mood for some traditional Albanian food!

It’s also possible that we did not know where to find the good spots, but most of the places just back from the beach seemed to only be cafes or bars serving drinks. Nevertheless, there were a few gems we can recommend near Himare Beach.

Lefteri’s Tavern: Great traditional food at reasonable prices. The sardines, fergese, and baked cheese were a few of our favorites from the night. That paired with a craft of wine and some warm bread and you’ll be in for a great local meal.

Restorant Maistro: Wonderful seafood and views set right on the cliffside. Good spot to watch the sunset in Himare. There’s also a french crêpe place next door if you need a snack for the beach!

To Steki: Salads and pitas. A solid choice for when you want a quick inexpensive meal.

River Down Town: Amazing sunset view and a great place to take in the ocean and grab a drink.

Himare Albania Hotles

7. Watch the Himare Albania Sunset

As we sat and watched the sunset go down over the mountains on the north side of the beach we realized how lucky we were to be in Albania. Himare is just one of the many beach towns that dot the coastline, but we developed a special bond with it during our two-day stay! For all our misguided fears of a place not being “local enough” we were now seeing how silly that was.

What it lacks in the food department (compared to the rest of Albania), it certainly makes up for in beauty! Interestingly enough, as the sky illuminated we looked around and were surrounded by local kids and families all enjoying the gorgeous sunset. What an amazing way to end a beach day!

Sunset Over the Beach in Albania

Have any questions on Himare hotels, or want to suggest your own favorite things to do in Himare Albania? How about any local food spots we might have missed? Comment below!

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Himare Albania Hotels

Fun Vacation – Geo & Art Boutique Hotel Himara – Locally run small boutique hotel with beautiful terraces that overlook Himare town and beach. One minute walk from the beach and shops with clean and modern beach decor.

Travel Couple – Sunset Guesthouse – Our home in Himare! Set back from the main street this property is run by two kind owners who go out of their way to welcome you. Clean rooms, large balcony common area, and very economical price.

Hostel Life – Himara Hostel  – Set in a traditional house, Himara Hostel is a quick 8 minute walk from the beach and offers free breakfast. Large outdoor space with hammocks and lounge areas. The hostel has bikes and kayaks for rent as well.

For more awesome Himare Albania hotels you can explore the latest prices here!


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