How Much Does a Trip to Thailand Cost? Budget to Lux w/Prices!

Trip to Thailand Cost

Are you thinking about visiting Thailand and wondering how much to budget? Well, look no further! Our trip to Thailand cost article will give you everything you need to know for planning your next vacation. We’ll cover the cost of hotels, transportation, food, and activities for travel through Thailand.

Trip to Thailand Cost Guide

All the advice and prices you’ll read in this blog are based off of our own adventures in Thailand! We’ll not only give you an idea of what things cost, but share how to find the best deals along your journey. Also, we will breakdown a sample itinerary for three different travel styles to give you a better idea of what a trip to Thailand costs.

Trip to Thailand Cost and Tips

What’s Your Travel Style?

The first thing to consider for a Thailand budget is your own personal vacation style. Are you the type of traveler that wants jungle hikes and wild adventures, or are you looking for a relaxing beach holiday? The good news about Thailand is that you can have best of both worlds! 

You’ll have plenty of destinations to pick from across the mainland and dozens of popular Thai islands. If you’re looking for temples and night markets check out Chiang Mai. The younger crowd may be more into Koh Phi Phi, or the Full Moon Party on Koh Phangan. 

Know that you don’t have to limit yourself to just one place. Thailand is very well connected by boats, planes, and public buses so you can include multiple destinations in your itinerary. You can even visit other countries in Southeast Asia like Vietnam and Indonesia if you have more time.

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Trip to Thailand Cost Breakdown

Time of Year to Visit Thailand

This is a massive factor when determining what your trip to Thailand cost. During the popular tourist months the prices for hotels, transportation, and tours can jump up.

The best prices will always be found in the off or swing season. However, most people won’t want to travel in monsoon season to save a buck. 

This is still good to keep in mind if you are planning a trip to Thailand on a budget. Personally, our favorite months to be there are from December to March for the nice beach weather. 

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Thailand Trip Costs

Booking Your Flight to Thailand

International flights go to the major cities of Bangkok and Chiang Mai from all over the world. You can even find direct flights to Phuket and get straight to the beaches! 

The price of flights will not only depend on where you’re coming from, but the time of year of your travel. High season in Thailand is during the winter in Europe and the United States and the prices will reflect that. However, during the low season months you may able to cut your trip to Thailand cost in half.

We recommend checking your flights into both Bangkok and Phuket, especially Phuket if you plan to continue onto other islands afterwards. We always use this website then compare the dates here when searching for flights. It allows you to figure out your Thailand trip cost across dozens of airlines. 

From our experience, roundtrip flights from New York to Bangkok typically cost around $800 to 1,200 USD. While the average cost of a London to Thailand flight may be closer to $800 to $1000.

Keep in mind that this is if you plan ahead a get a really good deal. Not so good at ticket hunting? Then the same route can cost several thousand dollars.

Flights from other major hubs around Southeast Asia will obviously be much cheaper. Conversely, domestic travel in Thailand (which we will cover next) can almost feel like stealing!

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Trip to Thailand Cost Flight

Trip to Thailand Cost for Transportation 

There are so many different ways to get around Thailand! In the main tourist areas it will be simple to find your way from place to place. 

The best website to use for transportation is 12Go. Here you can compare prices to book your ferries and buses and get a digital ticket beforehand.

If you’re on a longer backpacking trip (or prefer to wait until you get there) it’s a good idea to check with your hotel. They can almost always find you tickets to get to your next destination, or call a private transfer van for you.

Tuk Tuk Rides

The first mode of local transportation you should know about is the tuk tuk! These open air taxi’s are such a fun way to get around, especially for short distances.

You’ll find them available all around Bangkok and Chiang Mai, or on some of the smaller islands like Koh Lipe where there are no cars. They’re also usually the cheapest option to use if you’re just going out for dinner or drinks.

It is well known that the tuk tuk drivers will try to charge a higher rate for tourists. If you don’t want to get stuck paying extra, ask your hotel when leaving how much you should expect to pay.

They will give you an idea of the rate so you know beforehand. Don’t be afraid to negotiate with the driver if they tell you a different cost.

Thailand Vacation Cost

Private Transfers & Taxis

Taxis are widely available around Thailand and can be booked quite easily through your accommodation. You can also use the popular Grab app which is Southeast Asia’s version of Uber.

Although we always try to keep our Thailand travel budget as low as possible, there are sometimes where it makes more sense to take a private transfer. One instance where we almost always do this is en route to the airport. 

For example, we paid about $28 USD for a one hour taxi ride from Southern Phuket to the airport. This may sound crazy for that amount of time if you’re coming from the USA or Europe, but it’s true! For this price it just isn’t worth it to have to worry about missing our flight.

Koh Lanta Ferry Terminal

Ferries in Thailand

Are you considering island hopping around Thailand? Then you should know that they have an amazing ferry system! They’re affordable if you’re on a tight budget, and the ferries connect all the islands to each other throughout the different regions.

There are a few things to know first before you go ahead and book your ferries. First, there are several different types of boats. The speedboats or catamarans are the fastest, but most expensive option. There are also slow ferries that will take a bit longer (some even go overnight) and will save you some money. 

We always prefer the faster boats as they seem to be worth the price for a fraction of the travel time. For instance, the fast ferry ($18 to $20) from Phuket to Koh Phi Phi is just one hour. While the slow ferry ($10 to $12) can take up to 3 or 4 hours. 

By taking the quicker option you’ll give yourself more time to enjoy the amazing beaches and scenery. Below are some of the most popular ferry routes with prices in USD to give you an idea of what you might pay.

Island Hopping Ferry Routes & Costs

Thailand Ferry Cost

Individual Articles About Our Experiences

Phuket to Krabi Thailand Ferry

Domestic Flights in Thailand

As we’ve mentioned, the two major airport hubs in Thailand are in the cities of Bangkok and Thailand. From there, it will be easy to get between the two or to other islands and coastal towns like Krabi. 

Now that doesn’t mean all the islands have airports! This is limited to just a few larger ones, with the most flights available to Phuket and Koh Samui. After that, it will be easy to take the ferries to the nearby islands. 

Domestic flight costs can be inexpensive and a great way to make the most out of your Thailand budget. Just make sure to take luggage into account as it can sometimes double the price of the cheapest flight. 

Popular Flight Routes

  • Trip From Bangkok → Phuket 
  • Bangkok → Chiang Mai
  • Fly From Bangkok → Krabi
  • Bangkok → Koh Samui 

Phuket to Krabi Flight 

Thailand Bus System

The bus may be a good option to consider for budget travelers. Public transportation is available on the mainland, and even across the bridge to Phuket. However, you may want to look elsewhere if you’re traveling long distances. 

We’ve taken local buses all around Southeast Asia and have had plenty of experiences with them in Thailand. The times where it’s made the most sense was for shorter routes, or when we had a combined ferry and bus ticket. 

One thing to know is (just like the ferries) there is a wide range of buses to pick from. They range from your typical large tourist buses to small luxury vans which can add to your Thailand vacation cost.

We highly recommend looking into domestic flights before you book your bus. The flights may actually be closer in price than you think, and will cut your travel time down to just an hour or two. 

For example, the bus from Bangkok to Phuket can take anywhere from 12 to 20 hours!! When you compare that to the flight time of just 1 hour and 30 minutes it seems absolutely nuts to take a bus.

Flights in Thailand are nothing like the United States. You might be surprised to find the ticket price being very close to that of the bus.

Popular Thailand Bus Routes

Phuket to Krabi Bus 

Thailand Trains

There are plenty of trains in service to cities and towns around mainland Thailand. Even so, there is really only one route we would truly recommend.

The Bangkok to Chiang Mai overnight train (book it here) is a fun trip connecting the two major cities. Before we talk about the price, you should know that many people do this purely for the experience. 

On our own journey we took in the scenery, then watched as the staff came around and folded down our beds down for the night. The beds weren’t the most comfy place to sleep, but it was definitely cool to wake up in Chiang Mai the next day.

While it is an interesting way to go, know that the price of a train ticket is typically around $25 USD for second class seats. When you consider the fact that a flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai takes just 1 hour and 15 minutes you may want to opt for that instead.

Cost Thailand Travel

Renting a Motorbike

One of the best ways to get around Thailand is by motorbike! Now it isn’t as common to do a full length motorbike trip from north to south like in Vietnam

Nevertheless, we found it a great way to get to different parts of the islands once you get there. You can rent them for as little as $4 USD per day and use them to beach hop or see other sights.

On the popular islands like Phuket the prices jump up during the busy summer months. Here we’ve seen scooters advertised for up to $15 a day. 

We wouldn’t recommend renting a motorbike in the cities as the traffic can be crazy and bit dangerous. Yet, for short distances they can be the perfect way to get around.

One important tip is if you don’t have a motorcycle license in your home country then your travel insurance might not cover you. It’s always best to check with your insurance company before hopping on a scooter.

Exploring Koh Lanta Thailand by Motorbike: One Fun Day

Thailand Travel Prices

Thailand Trip Cost For Accommodations 

Thailand has long been known as a backpacking mecca with budget travelers flocking to the cities and islands. Yet, just like with transportation, the country has a wide range of accommodations to fit every travel style.

Every city and town has everything from luxury hotels to hostels, and mid-range options. That’s one of the things we love most about Thailand… And trust us we’ve stayed in them all! 

Even if you’re looking to incorporate a luxury hotel in your trip to Thailand cost, know that it will likely be cheaper than what you’re used to in other places in the world. When it comes to hostels, you can find dorm rooms for as cheap as $3 to $5 USD a day. 

It all comes down to what you’re looking for. Some of our favorite experiences have been staying in beachside bungalows on the islands of Thailand. We’ve also found plenty of nice places for under $30 USD and rented a motorbike for just a few dollars a day. 

If you’re on a budget traveling in off-season we recommend sending the hotel a message on Whatsapp. You can even visit in person to negotiate if you’re already in the area.

Many properties offer much better rates in person. Remember that a portion of the money goes to third party websites anyway if you’re not booking direct. Below are some sample prices in USD to give you an idea of the Thailand trip cost for accommodations. 

  • Luxury – $200+
  • Fun Vacation – $50-150
  • Hostel Room – $3-20

Thailand Travel Cost

Kata Beach Phuket 

Ultra Luxury – $$$ – Kata Rocks – On the southern tip of  Kata beach is the super-luxurious Kata Rocks! Take in the views from your private swimming pool with all the amenities you’d expect at this unique Thailand escape. 

Fun Vacation – $$ – The SIS Kata, Resort – This awesome resort is set just back from Kata Beach while still being within walking distance of all the action. Here you have sea views in a gorgeous and relaxing jungle setting.

Hostel – $ – Sino Hostel @ Kata – Choose from dorms and private rooms as you use it as a base to explore Kata from. 

Cost Thailand Vacation

Bangkok Thailand

Ultra Luxury – $$$ – JW Marriott Hotel Bangkok – Enjoy all the best luxury amenities right in the heart of Bangkok! JW Marriott is a 5 star hotel with a spa, epic city views, and an award-winning steakhouse. 

Fun Vacation – $$ – Ago Hotel – Charming Boutique hotel just a quick walk away from all the action of Chinatown! 

Hostel Room – $ – Once Again Hostel – Fun hostel in Bangkok’s bustling Old Town. Dorms of all sizes available and it’s walking distance to many of the famous temples.

Bangkok Thailand Trip Cost

Koh Lanta 

Ultra Luxury – $$$ – Layana Resort and Spa – One of the most luxury resort in all of Koh Lanta! Sitting right on one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. Spend your time in the two pools which are in a lush jungle setting.

Fun Vacation – $$ – Beach Home Lanta – We stayed here on our recent trip to Koh Lanta and it seemed like literally, every room around us extended their visit! All bungalows are modern with an oceanfront view and just steps away from several great restaurants and beach bars.

Hostel – $ – Best Stay Hostel At Lanta – The bar and shared lounge are a great place to meet other travelers, and it’s situated in the fun part of the island for nightlife near Long Beach.

Trip to Thailand Cost Koh Lanta

Koh Phi Phi Thailand 

Luxury – $$$ – SAii Phi Phi Island Village – Large resort offering high-end accommodations on Loh Ba beach. With multiple restaurants, a pool, and fitness center you really never need to leave!

Fun Vacation – $$ – Phi Phi The Beach Resort – Beautiful beachfront hotel on Long Beach. This area is away from the party zone but you can still get to all the action with a quick longtail boat ride or hike

Hostel Room – $ – Voyagers Hostel – Great option if you want a private room or cheap dorm in Tonsai Village. Steps from the popular beach bars and island nightlife. 

16 Best Hotels on Phi Phi Island For Every Budget

Best Hotel on Phi Phi Island

Chiang Mai Thailand

Luxury – $$$ – The Inside House – This unique resort features a rooftop swimming pool, large rooms, and on-site restaurant. 

Fun Vacation – $$Tamarind Village – Located in the heart of Chiang Mai Thailand, this hotel has comfortable rooms surrounded by Tamarind trees. 

Hostel Room – $The Common Hostel – If you’re looking for a hostel in the middle of all the action in Chiang Mai Old Town, this is it! The Common features bunks with their own private lockers and a 24 hour front desk.

Chiang Mai Thailand Vacation Cost

Thailand Budget For Food 

Without a doubt, one of the best parts of visiting Thailand is the local food. Thai is widely considered among the best cuisines in the world and we can definitely attest to that. 

Just know it’s more than Pad Thai and spring rolls! The best food in Thailand is a diverse mix of noodles, soups, and meat dishes. Many plates can even be made vegetarian for those that don’t eat meat. 

The street food is also some of the cheapest you’ll find in Southeast Asia. We love wandering around the many night markets and trying all the local specialties. In popular destinations like Chiang Mai and Phuket Old Town, you can even find Michelin Star meals for as little as $2 USD! 

With that said, it doesn’t mean you have to go for cheap food on your Thailand trip. Specifically in Bangkok, there are many fancy rooftop bars and high-end restaurants to enjoy as well.

It’s honestly hard to say what a meal will cost because it’s completely up to your own taste. Upscale restaurants will cost the same as if you are dining in Europe while other meals won’t cost more than a dollar or two. 

→ What’s Thai Food? 40 Delicious Dishes & Drinks You Must Try!

Trip to Thailand Cost for Food

Thailand Vacation Cost For Fun & Activities 

One of the most important things to include in your Thailand trip cost is all the great outdoor activities. Some of our favorites include boat tours, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, and street food tours. 

In the islands and coastal towns, you will find abundance of ways to get out on the water and see the marine life. For the best deals on tours we always use this website.

As with transportation, you can book tours and private longtail boats directly through your accommodation. We also loved the museums and temples around the mainland.

These extra costs are something to calculate into your Thailand budget. Below are some examples (with prices in USD) for the most popular tours around the country. 

Trip to Thailand Vacation Cost

How Much Will a Trip to Thailand Cost You? 

The cost of a trip to Thailand will depend on where you’re going, the accommodation level, and the different activities you choose. Your daily budget may also completely revolve around the length of your itinerary. 

Thailand is so unique because it can really fit any travel style and budget. From all out luxury holidays to a backpacker budget trip, the average price will totally depend on you! We hope our real life examples gave you a better understanding of what to expect.

Thailand can be a very affordable destination. Yet, like most places in the world, you can go upscale if you’d prefer. It completely depends on the type of trip you want to have. Here are some samples of a one day itinerary for different Thailand budgets. 

One Day Thailand Budget 

Day as a Thailand Budget Backpacker

  • Wake up in Shared Hostel Dorm: $5
  • Budget Coffee & Breakfast: $4
  • Swim & Snorkel at the Beach: Free
  • Street Pad Thai Lunch: $2
  • Water and Snacks from 711: $3
  • Sunset Chiang Beer: $3
  • Dinner & Drinks with Friends: $10

Total: $27 USD

One Day For a Fun Holiday

  • Wake up in Private Boutique Hotel: $50
  • Breakfast & Coffee at Local Cafe: $6
  • Morning Boat Trip & Snorkeling Tour: $25
  • Quick Pad Thai Lunch at Restaurant with Smoothie: $6
  • Beach Chair & Coconut: $6 
  • Beach Massage: $10
  • Dinner & Drinks: $15

Total: $118 USD

Day in the Life of a Luxury Vacationer

  • Wake Up at Luxury Hotel: $200+
  • Breakfast @ the Hotel: Included 
  • Private Longtail Boat Ride: $60-100
  • Lunch on the Beach with Drinks: $20
  • Massage at Spa: $50
  • Dinner & Drink: $30-50

Total: $300+ USD

How Much Will a Trip to Thailand Cost You

Have any questions about your trip to Thailand cost or want to share tips and advice from your own visits? Let us know in the comments below. 

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake



Thailand Travel Planning 

 Transportation: While traveling through Thailand 12Go is where we find all our ferries, trains, buses, and transfers! You can find everything from island hopping speed boats to the night train from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

 Flights: We always find our cheap flight deals using Skyscanner and Kayak. That’s how we found flights from Bangkok to Phuket for $12 USD, and Thailand to Vietnam for less than $50! 

 Accommodation: Compare multiple sites to get to the best deal such as and Agoda! Also,  Hostelworld should be your go-to source if you’re traveling on a budget. 

 Tours: Check out Get Your Guide to find activities all over Phuket! You can find everything from a James Bond island luxury sunset cruise, to Phuket Old Town 15-taster food adventure, and 5-hour island tour

 Travel Insurance: Never travel abroad without protection. We’ve been using SafetyWing for the last few years on the road and they are there when we need them.

 Packing Lists: Find all the inspiration you need with our Amazon packing lists. Including our electronics and camera gear, must-have medical items, and long flight essentials


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