9 International Cocktails to Try This Summer

What’s better on a hot summer day than a nice cold drink? Whether you’re at the beach bar or the local dive down the street, you’re sure to see plenty of your favorite cocktails from around the world. While no ones debating the fact that the Margarita is the best drink ever, it kind of makes you wonder what else is out there… right??

Well have no fear, Nothing Familiar is here once again! Make sure to check out the links under the pictures as the include all the recipes. Here’s 9 International Cocktails to Try This Summer!

Tinto de Verano


While we all love to enjoy a nice Sangria on a hot summer day, the true locals know the Tinto is the best drink in Spain! Tinto de Verano or “Red Wine of Summer” is a traditional drink served ice cold with the tapas of your choice. The best part is it’s super easy to make and enjoy yourself. In Spain, they mix delicious red wine with a brand of soda called La Casera, which is a lot like Sprite if you need a replacement!


Pisco Sour


If you’re ever at a bar in Peru or Chile, you will most likely order a Pisco Sour at some point during your stay. Also, because this is the national drink for both of these amazing countries, the bartender is likely to argue who does it best! Pisco is a type of brandy made from fermented grapes that is used as a base for this delicious cocktail. The difference between the Peruvian and Chilean versions, is a Chilean Pisco Sour excludes the bitters and egg whites. Fortunately for us, we’re more than happy to let these two South American countries battle over our taste buds!




The Michelada is one of most beloved drinks in Mexico, and it is quickly gaining popularity across the border. This beer based cocktail is made simply by mixing your favorite lager with lime, worcestershire, hot sauce, and tomato juice. A Michelada has to be one of the most refreshing things i’ve ever tried, and is perfect for a hot summer day at the beach!

Lychee Cooler


Hailing from China and other tropical regions in Southeast Asia, Lychee is one of the sweetest tasting fruits in the world. Lychee isn’t the only flavor you’ll need to make the perfect summer cocktail, but just by adding basil, ginger, lemon, seltzer, and a magical liquor called vodka, you’ll get one of the best drinks Asia has to offer. With Lychee being one of our favorite fruits, it’s only natural that it could make one of the best international cocktails try this summer.



The Clerico is a simple adaptation of red wine sangria, but replaced with a crisp smooth white wine. While red wine can sometimes be tough to drink in succession on a hot day, I can promise you the the Clerico’s will go down smooth all summer long! Made popular in cities like Montevideo, Uraguay, the peaches, bananas, oranges, and apples will have you craving more and feeling great at the same time.


Singapore Sling


Well I’m sure you didn’t expect the only Gin representative of this list to be from Asia, but here we are! As the main hub of Southeast Asia, the fantastic city of Singapore will get quite hot at times due to it’s location. Lucky for us in 1915, Singapore bartender Ngiam Tong Boon created the ice cold Singapore Sling for us all to enjoy. This international cocktail also contains a healthy serving of pineapple, grenadine, and lime juice, along with a touch of cherry brandy to give it its trademark pink flair. With so many amazing fruits to choose from in Southeast Asia, Ngiam Tong Boon certainly hit a home run with this one.




How could we have a cocktail list without the party capital of the world? The national drink of Brazil perfectly vibes with the fun, energetic atmosphere that can be seen in its streets and nightlife. Originally created by the Portuguese to ease symptoms of the Spanish Flu, the Caipirinha quickly gained popularity with both locals and visitors forĀ events like Carnival. Its sugarcane liquor (cachaca) mixed with lime and sugar gives it a unique and refreshing taste that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.


Russian Spring Punch


This international cocktail gets its name from its crafty homemaker, and it certainly packs a punch. Although, the main feature of this drink may be the Russian element, it’s the champagne keeps you coming back for more! Even though it was actually created by an Englishman, this drink undoubtedly still lives up to its Russian roots with the perfect blend of fruity goodness.


Mexican Mule


Speaking of Mother Russia… I’m sure we’ve all tried a Moscow Mule at some point or another. It’s the kind of cool tasty drink that goes well wherever you may be. However, in the hunt to always try something new, we’ve found that the Spanish twist on this classic is just way better! Spicy ginger beer, tequila, and lime is all it takes to upgrade your cocktail experience.


This should give you some great new drink ideas to order next time you’re out, or to even try and recreate yourself.

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