Planning a trip to Indonesia? This is a beautiful country we can’t get enough of in Southeast Asia! Here’s where you can find our best Indonesia travel tips, island guides, and much more.

Over the years, we’ve been to Bali and the surrounding islands several times. We started out here in 2019, before exploring the Nusa Islands and stunning Gili’s after that.

As you may have heard, Bali is used as a home base for digital nomads like us! We typically stay in Uluwatu to be close to many of the best beaches and restaurants.

However, on our most recent Indonesia trip, we visited Sumatra. Here we went to the up and coming surf destination of Krui where we had a blast!

Many travelers will start their journey by flying into Jakarta, or heading directly to Bali. It’s easy to use the ferry system to island hop around Indonesia. You can also take short domestic flights where available. 

Indonesia is a great place for budget travelers, vacationers, and water sports enthusiasts. Check out all our Indonesia travel guides for tips, and to hear all about our own experiences. Also, be sure to taste as much local Indonesia food as possible!

Indonesia Travel Tips

Money: The currency used here is the Indonesian rupiah.

Location: Indonesia is an island nation located in Southeast Asia. Its  over 17,000 different islets make up the largest archipelago in the world. Many travelers include Indonesia in a longer Asia itinerary with countries like Thailand, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Language: Indonesian is the official language of the country.

Seasons: Indonesia has two seasons to be aware of before your visit. Dry season runs from April to October, while the wet season goes from November to March. This is opposite of Thailand where the early part of the year is the best time to visit. 

What to Eat & Drink: Indonesian cuisine is very diverse and delicious! It features a mix of rice dishes, veggies, and hearty soups. On touristy islands like Bali you can still find local food at small shops called warungs. You’ll also find a nice mix of hip cafes and beach bars to enjoy.