How to Use the Turkey Bus: Follow This Turkish Bus Guide!

Turkey Bus

When first arriving in any new country you’ll need to figure out how to get around. In Turkey, you can utilize the bus, train, planes, and more. With our route along the stunning Turquoise Coast, we knew we would be taking some buses in Turkey… However, we had no idea what we were in for! Here are some tips for using the Turkish buses or “Dolmus” and interesting stories from our own experience using the bus. 

3 Types of Buses in Turkey

Turkish Dolmus

Let’s start with the most interesting form of transportation in Turkey! Known as the Turkish Dolmus, these minibuses might look intimidating at first. Yet, they can be a very effective way to get around the country.

The minibuses run an intricate network of local and long-distance set routes. The best part about using the Turkish Dolmus is that in the popular destinations there are a TON of them running.

For example, on the famous Turkish Riviera, it seemed like there was one every 30 minutes available going between the coastal towns. The negatives are more glaring especially if you’ve never taken this type of transportation before.

The drivers seem to stop at will picking people up and don’t stop when the seats are full. That means you’ll have people standing in the aisles of these tiny buses for long distances. And let us tell you, it’s quite a bummer if you’re the one standing through the Turkish mountainside!

Turkish Bus

Big Turkey Bus

This version of the Turkey bus is the standard one you’re probably used to. The routes are set with fewer stops than the minibuses and sometimes you will even be assigned seating.

The big buses in Turkey are typically used for longer distances but sometimes it’s just the luck of the draw. It really depends on where you’re going and coming from. 

We were always happier when we saw the Turkey bus station had a row full of larger buses compared to the smaller Turkish Dolmus. They definitely make for a more comfortable ride and usually have air conditioning.

If you’re making long-haul trips in Turkey you can actually book your tickets in advance to reserve your seat. 

Turkey Bus Guide

Private Transfer Shuttle

There are also shuttle buses in Turkey that run direct routes in between destinations. However, these are often way more expensive than most travelers are willing to pay.

We would only suggest this form of transportation if you have a large group and it makes sense money-wise. Group shuttles are a popular option if you are traveling from the airport to a well-known town in the area or vice versa.

Traveling long-distance and have the extra cash? You’re probably better off just paying for a flight than using a private transfer.

Where Does the Turkey Bus Go?

Quite simply… Everywhere! Really it seems like there isn’t a place you can’t go by bus in Turkey. We were shocked at how many wild routes there are available across the country.

The problem we found is that some of them didn’t link up with our exact plans. Even with several Turkey bus schedules along the Turquoise Coast, we had to switch multiple times. This left us curious why there was no direct route between the famous tourist towns.

Sometimes we had to plan our travel days around the Turkish buses which made things a bit more difficult. At the end of the day, the price was hard to compete with for how far we were traveling. You can’t really beat a few dollars for a 3 to 5 hour bus ride!

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Turkish Buses

Drivers of the Turkish Buses

Unless you speak Turkish, you’re going to be relying heavily on your driver to know when you get on and off the minibuses. We found that asking for help prior to getting on the bus was completely pointless most of the time.

I’m sure some things were lost in translation. Yet, inquiring with the hotel and restaurant owners for any information regarding the buses in Turkey would often result in 10 different answers.

Not to worry though! Most drivers we encountered using the Turkey bus system were super friendly and willing to help. They did not speak perfect English. Still, it was easily enough to get you to and from your destination.

Typically, you’ll see signs in the front window of the Turkish buses showcasing the different stops. If not, you just need to be proactive in asking for assistance.

After you get on the bus in Turkey the drivers will come around and collect the money. Sometimes if they’re too busy (or don’t have enough change) they’ll wait until later or when you’re getting off for payment. On most Turkey buses if you have a credit card you can swipe it as you get on, too.

Bus Turkey Tips

Our First Turkish Bus Experience

So our first Turkey bus ride got a little wild. With it also being our first time in the country, we were already a bit confused about how to get around. Initially, we had asked our hotel for help. They didn’t mention that we first had to take a bus outside of Bodrum to a bigger bus station.

Only then would we board a minibus and start our route to Fethiye. They had also assured us it was a large Turkey bus and not the smaller ones we’d seen bumping around the city. 

Once arriving at the bus station we went inside. It was then that we found out the only vehicles going our way were the tiny minibuses!

Luckily, we had previous experience using these style buses in Albania. Nothing could’ve prepared us for what would happen next though!

Turkey Bus Tips

Our Turkey Bus Crash

Yes, you read that heading right. Unfortunately, on our very first turkey bus ride, we had a crash. What are the odds right??

About one hour into sitting in the back of the Turkish Dolmus disaster struck. We had pulled over on the side of the highway to pick up a passenger when…


We were struck from behind by another van. Thankfully, everyone was ok. This was quite astonishing considering there were multiple people standing in the aisle and no one was wearing seatbelts.

What happened next was wild, confusing, and something we still don’t really understand. Bullet points are honestly the easiest way to break it down so this isn’t a 10,000 word Turkey bus blog.

  • Everyone gets off the bus and views the damage. Our vehicle was remarkably intact with just a large dent in the back bumper and door. The other driver was not so lucky as his front end was completely smashed in.
  • Our bus driver and the other gentleman started yelling at each other in Turkish.
  • What felt like the entire neighborhood came out in support of the guy that hit us. Apparently, he lived close by.
  • Phone calls were made. Originally, we thought they were calling the police or insurance companies? Yet, no one ever came to the scene.

Turkey Bus Crash

An Unscheduled Turkish Bus Stop

So after all this, we’re still not entirely sure what happened or if it was resolved. We were definitely a little shook but happy to be back on the road and heading towards Fethiye.

At least we thought we were! About 20 minutes back into the Turkish bus ride we pulled off into a small village. 

It was then that we quickly realized we were at an auto-body shop. Thinking back this is kind of hilarious because our bus was still full of passengers.

At this point, we were already hours behind schedule and everyone was annoyed. Keep in mind, it was mostly locals on the bus with us and not tourists.

The driver who hit our minibus pulled in behind us and the argument started once again. This time it was mixed with the random input from the auto-body shop owner as they pointed at the damage.

After about 45 minutes of this (not kidding) we were finally back on our way! Nothing was fixed and we’re not sure they ever came to any resolution about the van.  

Getting the Hang of the Turkey Bus System

Obviously, our first experience using the buses in Turkey was not the best. The thing was we had already planned our entire trip around them. Honestly, between all the buses and transfers we’ve taken in Asia, South America, and Europe, this wasn’t the first time we’ve had a long and unpredictable travel day! 

After this strange afternoon, the rest of our buses in Turkey went MUCH smoother. Other travelers we have spoken with also said they used the Turkey bus system to get everywhere without any issues. So clearly we just got a bit unlucky.

As we mentioned, we only took the buses in Turkey along the popular southwest coast. Getting to the station early and taking the larger buses over the Turkish Dolmus is definitely recommended when you can. At the end of the day, there is really no cheaper or more efficient way to get around.

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Bus Turkey

5 More Tips for Using the Buses in Turkey

Payment: Surprisingly, most of the Turkish Dulmus take credit cards. If not, try to have small bills as some of the buses don’t have a lot of change. The larger Turkey buses can be booked online or you can buy tickets from the offices at the bus stations.

Stay Safe: Take all of your valuables out of your big bags. They are going to get squished into the back of the buses in Turkey with no regard as there is not much storage space. Travel with a separate smaller backpack for your computers, cameras, etc… And bring it with you to your seat.

Arrive Early: This is so important to secure a seat! If you don’t you’re at risk of standing or not sitting with your travel partner. We would get to the Turkey bus stop 20-30 min early to avoid this.

Offline Map: Download an offline map like if you’re not planning on having cell service or a SIM card. This is essential in knowing when to get off at your stop as the drivers don’t all speak English.

Be Patient: Know that things run on their own time in Turkey. As you saw with our minibus experience, you never know what you’re in for. Just know that eventually you will get to your destination.

Buses in Turkey

Have any questions about the buses in Turkey or want to share your own tips for using the Turkish bus system? Let us know in the comments below! 

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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    I am travelling to Turkey 16th Jan to save money was going to get bus from airport to marmaris but can’t find a time table can you help please

    • Brigitte & Jake
      January 6, 2024 / 8:53 am

      We’re not sure for certain as it’s difficult to find online. We recommend reaching out to your accommodation. They should be able to help with the most updated schedule and times. Best of luck!

  2. Christine Auton
    June 23, 2023 / 6:09 am

    Oh dear!! I have blithely booked about a month of getting around by bus in southern Turkiye so thanks for your tips … lone female, 75 … hope l am doing the right thing.

    • Brigitte & Jake
      June 23, 2023 / 6:14 am

      It’s definitely doable, but get ready for an adventure! Hopefully, these tips come in handy on your trip around the country. Turkey is amazing 😀

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