Kaputas Beach Guide: How to Visit the Best Beach in Kas Turkey

Kaputas Beach

When planning our trip to Kas there was one place we kept reading about… Kaputas Beach! Honestly, we knew it would be beautiful from the pictures. Yet, when we passed it on the road from Fethiye we were shocked! Sitting hundreds of feet below the cliffs was what is highly regarded as the best beach in Turkey. Here’s what know before going to Kaputas Beach, how to get there from Kas, and more tips from our visit. 


Getting From Kas to Kaputas Beach Turkey

The closest town to Kaputas Beach is Kas and where you will most likely be coming from. Kas was our favorite place we visited along the Turquoise Coast so we highly recommend spending some time here if you can. Luckily, there are 3 different and easy ways to get from Kas to Kaputas Beach Turkey. 

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Rental Car to Kaputas Beach

The first and most obvious way to get to Kaputas Beach is by renting your own vehicle. However, we definitely want to caution against that unless you have one for your trip already! There is little to no parking and what is available is just on the side of a tight road atop the cliff.

Honestly, you may find yourself circling around waiting for someone to leave instead of going straight to the beach. Do your best to come as early as possible in the morning if you have a car.

Kaputas Beach Parking

Kaputas Beach Minibus

This is the least expensive option and what we used to get to Kaputas Beach Turkey. For just 20 Lira we caught a minibus from the main Kas bus station. The ride takes 25 minutes and drops you off right at the stairs to Kaputas Beach.

This is just one of many stops on the route so make sure to tell the driver you are getting off at Kaputas Beach.  If you’ve never taken the minibuses in Turkey know they are often packed, and you may have to stand in the aisle when the seats are filled. 

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Kaputas Beach Minibus

Taxi to Kaputas Beach Turkey

Taxis are available from the center of Kas but are far more pricey than the bus. At the time of our visit, the cost from Kas to Kaputas Beach via taxi was 300 lira ($17 USD).

However, they can be a solid option if you’re short on time or are traveling with a group. Make sure to get the taxi driver’s phone number to arrange a ride back or plan to catch the minibus to return to Kas.

Kaputas Beach Taxi Price

5 Tips for Kaputas Beach Turkey

1. Get to Kaputas early! Sunbeds are limited in the peak summer months. If you want the front row you’ll have to be one of the first to arrive at the best beach in Turkey.

2. At just 50 Lira ($3 USD), the sunbeds are very cheap especially compared to other popular beaches in Europe. They even take credit cards which was a nice surprise! For that price, it’s so worth it to have a sunbed with an umbrella.

3. If you don’t want to pay or are just visiting for a quick dip, there’s a small area on the left side to lay out towels. Keep in mind there’s no shade here and the beach is rocky. It may not be the most comfortable spot to relax.

4. Bring your own snacks and drinks! There is a small restaurant and ice cream stand at the bottom of the stairs but many people bring their own coolers to Kaputas Beach. We even noticed some locals brought their own traditional Turkish coffees and teas.

5. There are toilets just behind the restaurant as well as separate changing rooms. Also, you will find a place to wash your feet at the top of the stairs as you leave Kaputas Beach.

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Kaputas Beach Turkey

Arriving at Kaputas Beach

We caught the 9:30am bus to Kaputas and arrived just before 10am. Leaving just after breakfast on a Monday in mid-June, we thought we’d be early… But we couldn’t have been more wrong!

Kaputas was already packed, which in hindsight makes sense with its reputation as the best beach in Turkey. Before heading down to the water we walked across the top of the cliff to get different angles below.

The views above are absolutely glorious and it’s a fantastic photo opportunity. One of the most famous picture spots is actually quite dangerous as you have to climb over the guardrail. Resist the urge and stay safe on the safe side as it’s a very long drop below!

Kaputas Turkey Guide

Our Visit to Kaputas Beach

After getting some photos we headed down the long stairway to Kaputas Beach. There is a counter at the bottom of the stairs where you can purchase your sunbed. We were slightly bummed that we had to sit 3 rows back, but then we got super lucky at Kaputas Beach Turkey. A family in the very front row got up and left!

We happily moved up to the seats for the perfect ocean view. Even though it was only June, the sun was already beaming down on us. So needless to say, jumping in the ocean felt so good!

It’s interesting that the day before when we had looked down on Kaptus the ocean seemed to be still and calm. Yet, on this day the water was wildly crashing into the shore. This made for a fun day of playing in the waves!

Best Beach in Turkey

Is Kaputas the Best Beach in Turkey?

Well, that’s kind of hard to say as we haven’t been to every beach in Turkey! Still, we got so many recommendations to go here it would be hard to argue with. From our hotel to a restaurant owner and every other local we meet, they all said this is the best beach in Turkey!

We absolutely loved our visit to Kaputas Beach. The towering cliffs and wild shade of ocean blue make for scenery that seems out of a dream. As we’ve said, just make sure to get to Kaputas Beach as early as possible to have the best experience.

Bonus Beach: If you’re heading to the Fethiye area make sure to check out Oludeniz Beach! Out of everywhere we saw in Turkey, this was the one place that could rival Kaputas. 

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Turkey Beach

Have any questions on getting from Kas to Kaputas Beach or want to share what you think is the best beach in Turkey? Leave us a comment below!

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Where to Stay in Kas Turkey

Boutique Hotel: Hotel Sonne – Adults Only – Spacious rooms and just a one minute walk from the beach clubs in Kas. Breakfast is included and served on the terrace overlooking the sea.

Sea View Rooms: Payam Hotel – Set just back from the town center, Payam hotel offers an outdoor pool and gorgeous sea view rooms.

Central Location: Arnna Hotel – Arnna is a great choice if you’re looking for something closer to the main area of Kas. It’s just a short stroll to the restaurants and swimming cove of Pebble Beach.

Apartment Stay: Yenier Apart Kas – One bedroom apartments with balconies and full kitchens. Awesome for travelers who would like to be close to the action but also want a more apartment-style accommodation.

Ultra Luxury: Suna Sun Hotel – An upscale escape just outside of Kas on a small peninsula. Suna Sun has a swimming pool, bar, and private beach to relax on.


Turkey Travel Planning 

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Rental Car: Discover Cars is our company of choice when abroad. It is especially popular to rent a car and explore the famous Turquoise Coast.

To pre-book long distance buses check Omio for the best routes all over the country. 

 Accommodation: Compare competitive sites for hotels such as Booking.com and Agoda. Also, Hostelworld should be your go-to source if you’re traveling on a budget. 

Tours: Check out Get Your Guide for fun activities all over Turkey. You can book everything from a Hot Air Balloon ride in Cappadocia to a Turkish Dance show in Istanbul and even take a Full-Day Jeep Safari in Kusadasi to the National Park! 

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Turkey Travel

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