Is Bodrum Worth Visiting? 2024 Turkey Travel Guide

Bodrum Turkey

Bodrum is a beautiful city on the famed Turquoise Coast of Turkey! Its unique blend of history, markets, and oceanfront restaurants is just some of the many draws to this area. Bodrum is quickly becoming known throughout the world as a premier summer hot spot in Europe. So is Bodrum worth visiting? Join us as we cover all the best things to do in Bodrum, from the markets to the castle and more fun tips.

2024 Bodrum Turkey Travel Guide

How to Get to Bodrum 

When deciding “is Bodrum worth visiting” you should consider how to get there. There are several ways to travel to Bodrum Turkey. Yet as you’ll see below, what mode of transportation you take depends on where you’re coming from.

Bus to Bodrum Turkey

The bus system is popular in Turkey and you can use the vast network to get pretty much anywhere. We even saw buses being advertised from Istanbul to Bodrum Turkey!

While there are small bus stations inside Bodrum, it’s important to note the larger bus station (used for longer trips) is 15 minutes outside of town. Be sure to check out our guide below if it’s your first time using the buses in Turkey.

→ How to Use Buses in Turkey: Easy Tips For the Turkey Bus System

Flight into Bodrum

If you’re flying into Bodrum you’re most likely coming via a quick flight from Istanbul. From most popular destinations you’ll have to do a quick layover in the capital city before continuing on to Bodrum in Turkey.

Much like the bus station, Milas–Bodrum Airport is located about 30 km from the actual city. You’ll then have to rent a car, take a taxi, or utilize the bus system we discussed above.

Drive Yourself

Speaking of car rentals, this is a popular way to get to Bodrum. Many travelers fly into Antalya or Bodrum and then drive the entire stretch of the Turquoise Coast. Just double check that your Bodrum hotel has parking available as many are located in the city center.

If you’re considering renting a vehicle then you should check out Discover Cars. This is our go-to website as it compares prices from different companies to get you the best deal. 

Ferry to Bodrum Turkey

With its position along the sea, it’s easy to take the ferry to Bodrum from nearby Greece. In fact, this is one of the most popular day trips from the island of Kos Greece!

The ride takes just 20 minutes and you can see many Greek islands from the coast of Turkey. We recommend staying multiple nights in Bodrum. However, it’s great to know this is an option if it’s all you have time for.

Kos to Bodrum Ferry: Our Boat From Greece to Turkey & Day Trip Advice

How to Get to Bodrum Turkey

Our First Impression of Bodrum Turkey

We had no idea what to expect when taking the ferry over from Kos. After all, Bodrum would be our very first experience in Turkey! The boat seemed to be made up almost completely of travelers heading over for a day trip from Greece.

After a quick ride across the ocean and clearing customs, we had made it. The walk to our hotel took us along the beautiful marina and by the traditional Gulet boats. However, once we dropped our bags we made our way into the lively streets that make up Bodrum Turkey.

A sprawling market area led us out to a long promenade filled with endless cafes, bars, and restaurants. The Bodrum Castle sitting proudly above it all, really put some perspective on the history of the area. Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to explore more of Bodrum Turkey!

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Bodrum in Turkey

Where to Stay in Bodrum Turkey 

If it’s your first visit to Bodrum we recommend staying in the city centre for at least a night or two. Just outside the city, there are many high-end accommodations and more remote holiday stays along the Peninsula. Yet, staying right in the mix is a must to really experience it.

Boutique HotelEna Boutique – Ena is located in the heart of Bodrum Turkey and is just a short walk to the ocean. Enjoy the modern design and breakfast overlooking Bodrum Castle.

Central LocationCosta Maya Bodrum – This gem is tucked back just a short walk from the marina and market. Fun tropical atmosphere with a pool sitting in the middle of the small resort.

Budget FriendlyBodrum Sade Pension – Central hotel with bright decor and just steps from the beach. The colorful rooms bring your stay to life while being close to many of the best restaurants. 

Ultra LuxuryMETT Hotel & Beach Resort Bodrum – If you’re looking for the ultimate luxury and relaxation outside of Bodrum, this is it! The property has multiple swimming pools, an on-site restaurant, and a private beach area. 

Bodrum Turkey Hotel

Eating Out in Bodrum Turkey

It’s no secret that Turkish cuisine is some of the best in the world. It has a unique mix of flavors that caters to every type of traveler. With specialties ranging from hearty meats to amazing vegan dishes, you’ll have no problem finding amazing food in cities like Bodrum.

Nokta Sebzeli Bodrum Döner is a great place in the market to grab a quick plate. There are countless doner kebab restaurants where you can eat something on the go as well. Don’t miss out on one of our favorites dishes called the Iskender!

Another experience foodies will love in Bodrum is the full Turkish Breakfast. We couldn’t believe when they pulled out over 20 small plates to taste that morning.

Otantik Ocakbaşı is one of the most popular restaurants in town, and for good reason. This is a fun spot to try Turkish meze where you can pick from several cold appetizers brought out on a tray. They also have an incredible selection of kebabs and tasty lamb dishes.

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Bodrum Turkey Food

Bodrum Turkey Meze

6 Best Things to do in Bodrum Turkey

Now that you know a little bit about Bodrum, it’s time for some of the best activities. This seaside city is full of amazing history, beaches, and a market that feels never-ending. Here’s some of our favorite things to do in Bodrum Turkey.

1. Tour the Bodrum Castle 

The number one thing you can’t miss in Bodrum Turkey is touring the ancient castle. It’s the unmistakable center of the city and sits beautifully over the town beach and marina. This region has a long and unique history and the Bodrum Castle perfectly encompasses that. 

It was originally built by the Knights of St. John in the early 15th century. Evidence of this can be seen all over the castle which displays their coats of arms. We were super interested in seeing more of the Knights route after visiting the medieval city of Rhodes and historic island of Malta.

In addition to the actual fortress, you’ll have breathtaking views of the Turkish coastline from the top of the Bodrum Castle. At the time of our visit, it cost only 60 Lira ($3.50 USD) to enter and included entry to the Museum Of Underwater Archaeology. This is a small price to pay to learn about the history of Bodrum Turkey! 

Bodrum Castle

2. Stroll Along the Bodrum Marina

We mentioned our walk along the Bodrum Marina being the first thing we saw off the boat, and we found ourselves back here a couple of different times. There is a nice strip of restaurants that offer delicious seafood as well as cafes facing the water.

If you continue on the boardwalk you will make your way into a more luxurious area where many yachts are parked. There are some really nice cafes here where you can get another view back towards the Bodrum Castle.

We recommend grabbing a Turkish ice cream at Marina Bitez Dondurma to enjoy as you stroll. Just beware of the vendors tricks when you buy your cone!

Bodrum Turkey Marina

3. Explore the Bodrum Turkey Market

You should know this isn’t your average market! In Bodrum, the market stretches from the marina to the town beach with a number of different stores and restaurants on its interior. 

To be honest, the stores inside the market weren’t our favorite part of Bodrum. They are mostly filled with fake designer clothes and souvenirs.

Our hotel owner had warned us to this prior to our market visit. However, the real charm of this area is the architecture and restaurants!

While there are a few English pubs in the mix, you will also find delicious kebab spots and places to grab a Turkish coffee or tea. We also loved how it is covered from above with giant cloths to block the afternoon sun.

Bodrum Turkey Market

4. Enjoy the Beachfront Cafes and Bodrum Bars

Bodrum plays host to a number of fun establishments right on the water! The best part about this is you can grab a beach chair and drink while dipping in and out of the sparkling blue Aegean Sea. This is truly the place to be on a hot day in Bodrum.

One of the best things to do in Bodrum Turkey was to walk over to the waterfront for sunset and grab an ice-cold drink. You can find our favorite cafe just as you exit the market called Yula Bodrum. A little further up the shoreline, there is another cool spot in Leman Kultur Bistro.

The way the sun sets over the Bodrum Castle and the colors change in the sky is pure magic! What a fun way to end your day on the water.

Bodrum Turkey Coffee

5. See the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus 

After visiting the Bodrum Castle, there are a few other can’t-miss historical sites in the city. The Mausoleum of Halicarnassus was once one of the ancient wonders of the world. First built in 350 BC, it was erected as a tomb in the Kingdom of Caria.

Unfortunately, a great earthquake took out much of the mausoleum in the 15th century. You’ll have to use your imagination as all that’s left today is some rubble and small artifacts. Can you picture the structure standing 150 feet high? 

Still, know that the small museum is definitely worth experiencing on your trip to Bodrum Turkey.  The Mausoleum is just a short 15 minute walk uphill from the waterfront.

Bodrum Turkey Mausoleum

6. Bodrum Turkey Amphitheater

Just above the mausoleum is another incredible piece of Bodrum history. Yet, this one is very much more intact! With it being so close to the mausoleum, it’s easy to see them both at the same time. 

Back in the day, the Bodrum Amphitheater could host up to 10,000 people. It’s amazing to stand where people once took in performances in 6th century B.C.

It’s actually hard to believe that such a large amphitheater sits just off the main highway road. I guess that’s because they only uncovered it in the 1970’s from underneath the grassy hill!

Bodrum Turkey Amphitheater

Is Bodrum Worth Visiting?

Absolutely! Whether you’re making a day trip or have a few days to explore the city, Bodrum is totally worth seeing. After taking the ferry from Greece, it was the perfect introduction to Turkey for us. 

We had so much fun experiencing the historical side. However, it was also a great destination to chill at the beach, enjoy a traditional meal, or grab drinks for sunset. We hope this Bodrum travel guide inspired you to see it for yourself!

So is Bodrum worth visiting in Turkey? Let us know in the comments below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake



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