Tuesday Fethiye Market: What to Eat, Shopping, & More!

Fethiye Market

Every Tuesday, hundreds of vendors descend on the Fethiye Market in Turkey and transform it into a huge shopping center. Known as one of the largest markets on the Turkish Riviera, this fun experience is not to be missed! Whether you looking to pick up souvenirs, sample traditional food, or just take in the madness of it all,  there’s something for everyone at the local market.

How to Get to the Fethiye Market 

Set close to old town and just one street up from the harbor, this market is located within walking distance of all the city’s best attractions. You should know there are several other Fethiye Markets which most travelers don’t see. However, the Tuesday market in Fethiye is the largest and most well-known.

When we first arrived at this sprawling market we couldn’t help but immediately notice the local vibes. As we got closer, people walked past us with large bags of cherries, whole watermelons, and types of vegetables we’d never seen before.

The Fethiye Market does cater to tourists. Just know that it’s also where much of the local Fethiye shopping is done as well!

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Tuesday Market in Fethiye

Visiting the Fethiye Market Early 

We got to the Fethiye Market in the late morning when it was already buzzing and full of life. This is actually the first tip we wanted to share. Going to the Tuesday market in Fethiye as early as possible makes sense for two reasons.

First off, as the day goes on it gets very hot in the market… Especially during the summertime! There are large cloths that hang above the stalls that offer some protection from the hot sun. Still, there is only so much you can do in this hot Mediterranean climate.  

Secondly, as you might expect, the Fethiye Turkey Market gets very crowded. Fethiye is a large city and locals travel from all over to buy and sell items. It’s also one of the most popular things to do for day trippers to the city. This means the earlier you visit the less crowded it will be.

Fethiye Turkey Market

Haggling at the Tuesday Fethiye Market

Haggling is part of the culture in Turkey and something seen in great abundance at the Fethiye Market. Keep in mind, this is mostly just for souvenirs and clothing. It doesn’t apply when shopping for fresh produce and food. Be ware that most items aren’t marked with set prices so you instead have to ask the seller. 

On one hand, this will often lead to getting a better deal for what you want. Yet, if you’re not ready to bargain you could also get severely ripped off! As our hotel owner pointed out, all of the clothes and designer goods are not authentic. Keep that in mind when negotiating at the Fethiye market. 

While it is part of the experience, that doesn’t mean you need to be rude or aggressive towards the seller. We’ve seem tourists going into these situations countless times with a bad attitude. That’s really not the way you’re going to get a good deal!

Remember that many of the prices at the Fethiye Market are negotiable but within reason. If you hesitate when buying something don’t be surprised if you’re quickly offered a lower rate.

They’re initially starting higher and with bartering can be talked down. Additionally, buying two or more goods from the same stand is a strategy to get a better price.

Fethiye Market Turkey

Fethiye Turkey Shopping

Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, & Spices

If Fethiye is your first experience at a real Turkish market it’s understandable that it will feel very wild. I know that’s how it felt for us! From the crazy energy to the smells and spices to endless treats and snacks, the Fethiye market will truly overwhelm your senses.

Not having much need for clothes or Gucci accessories, we hit the food section of the market hard. Our first stop was to get an orange juice mixed with pomegranate juice. This is a specialty in the region and it was so refreshing. Also, for 40 Lira ($2.30 USD) we got one kg of sweet red cherries.

After seeing the vast section of nuts and candies, we couldn’t help ourselves from stocking up on snacks. We purchased peanuts coated in a crunchy layer and some sugar sesame nuts as well.

We ended up asking the local vendor if she had anything spicy. Before we knew it, she instantly took a scoop of corn nuts with a large heaping of chili powder and mixed them together.

Each small bag of nuts we got was only 10-20 Lira. This section of the Tuesday market in Fethiye seemed to go on forever with different rows of stalls. You can find everything from cheese and olives to every fruit and vegetable grown in the country. 

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Turkey Market Spices

Fethiye Turkey Guide

Gozleme at the Fethiye Market 

When visiting any market we are always excited to try the local specialties. However, the food at the Tuesday market in Fethiye wasn’t anything like we expected. Instead of all kinds of different Turkish food stands, they cater to one particular meal… Turkish Pancakes! 

Now, this is certainly not the type of pancakes you might be thinking about. Also known as Gozlome, the thin flaky flatbreads can be filled with minced meat, spinach, cheese, and even honey. 

We ordered two different types of Gozleme to share and they were massive. Another unique aspect of this traditional meal is the giant containers of garnish on the tables. They have different toppings like pickled red cabbage, chili peppers, and other goodies.

Adding these to your pancakes is definitely a must as they really add to the flavor. Experiencing this section of the Fethiye Market was the perfect end to our morning, and something we highly recommend for when you get hungry. 

Also, be sure to try a full Turkish breakfast in Fethiye. For more on this amazing meal be sure to check out our article below. 

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Fethiye Turkey Market Food

Gozleme Fethiye Market

More Fethiye Market Tips 

Payment: Although you can use credit cards almost everywhere in Turkey, that is not the case at the Fethiye markets. Bring enough cash and have small bills if possible. 

Taste Everything: In the food section of the Fethiye Turkey market, you’ll be offered a taste of almost anything you’re looking at. Use this opportunity to try different nuts and berries to find the ones you like.

Plenty of Options: If you’re not getting a good vibe or price from one vendor, don’t be afraid to move on. Chances are someone else will be selling a similar product close by or somewhere else in the Fethiye market. 

Fethiye Shopping: Not feeling the clothes or food in the Fethiye market? Don’t worry! There are plenty of amazing restaurants and shops nearby. In fact, if you head towards the harbor and walk to the right you will find endless places to eat on the water.

Stay Safe: This goes for ANY local market around the world. Keep an eye on your belongings at the Tuesday market in Fethiye. Whenever you’re in large crowds there is always a chance of pickpockets looking to take advantage. 

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Fethiye Market Tips

Have any questions about this article or want to share more of your favorite Fethiye markets? Let us know in the comments below! 

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake

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Where to Stay in Fethiye Turkey

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Fethiye Market

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    • Brigitte & Jake
      April 22, 2024 / 9:16 am

      The local markets in Turkey are so amazing! Definitely hit this one if you’re ever in Fethiye.

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