Singapore’s Hawker Chan Stall: The Cheapest Michelin Star Meal in the World

Michelin Star Hawker Stall Meal

Singapore is widely regarded as one of the most expensive cities in Asia, if not the entire world! Yet in the middle off all the high-rises, financial centers, and cargo ships, hides large food halls called Hawker Centers. Ranging from 20 to 200 hawker stalls per building, foods from all over the world are represented here. Nonetheless, we were on the hunt for one in particular! What’s become known as the “Cheapest Michelin Star Meal In The World,” Singapore’s Hawker Chan is a small stall located in the Chinatown Hawker Center. This is where it all started, and in our opinion the most authentic place to eat the popular chicken and rice meal. 

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Hawker Stall Or Restaurant

Let us clear up any confusion right off the bat! There are actually two places that you can get the famous Michelin Star Hawker meal in Singapore. First, at the original Hawker Stall located in the Chinatown Complex Market & Food Center (Chinatown Hawker Center).

You can also get it at their spin off restaurant Hawker Chan that they built to keep up with the demand. It was important for us to eat at the Hawker Center just because we wanted the complete experience.

To be honest, we eat 95% of our meals at Hawker Centers in Singapore anyway. Here’s a quick breakdown of where to eat this Michelin Star meal at each location. For just 2 Singapore Dollars ($1.40 USD) you really have nothing to lose!

Hawker Stall: Located Inside the Chinatown Complex Food Centre
Address: #02-166 335 Smith St, Singapore

Hawker Chan Restaurant: This air-conditioned, sit down restaurant is a spin off of the Hawker stall that is found in the Chinatown Hawker Center.
Address: 78 Smith St, Singapore

Chinatown Hawker Center

What is Michelin Star?

What started off in the early 1900’s as a guide to the road for French motorists has now become the world’s premier restaurant rating book. Michelin star uses a 3 star rating system to score restaurants from around the globe.

In fact, it’s so well respected that the score has been known to make or break high end restaurants. The unique part about Singapore’s Michelin Star scene is that it’s almost unheard of anywhere else to be given to a food stall. 

Hawker Chan Singapore Michelin Star Meal

What to Order at Singapore’s Michelin Star Hawker

If you’ve ever explored one of Singapore’s many Hawker Centers you can surely understand how overwhelming it can be. Especially if you’re hunting for one certain food item! Chinatown Hawker Center also happens to be the largest food court of its kind in Singapore.

So what should you order at Hawker Chan? Well this one’s obvious… Get the soy sauce chicken and rice! You can also switch out the rice for noodles if you’re feeling adventurous. This is the dish they’re known for and what everyone around you will be ordering. The soy sauce chicken is the star of the show, and so juicy it almost melts in your mouth.

We also ordered a side of seasonal greens which went perfectly with the cheapest Michelin Star meal in Singapore and really completes the dish. Also, don’t forget to load up on all the sauces before sitting down!

Juice Stand: When waiting in line there is an awesome juice stand across from Hawker Chan. I think over the course of 3 days we tried 7 different juices (between us both), and they all were super yummy and fresh. Our favorites were the watermelon, mango, and soursop.

Fresh Juice Hawker Stall

Is Singapore’s Michelin Star Hawker Stall Worth the Wait?

Yes! For street food fans this is definitely a must try when visiting Singapore. If you don’t mind waiting in line for a few minutes you should really stop in.

We recommend avoiding weekends if possible, and try to get there as early as you can before the lunch rush. We went on a Monday just after noon and waited for about 20 minutes. Honestly, the waiting time only got us more excited for our meal!

While Hawker Chan has taken the title of the cheapest Michelin Star hawker in the city it isn’t the only one. Several other hawker stalls have gained recognition over the years so be sure to try as many as you can. Make sure to check out some of our other recommendations below!

Hawker Chan Cheapest Michelin Star Meal

Have you ever ate a Michelin Star restaurant, or have any questions about the cheapest Michelin Star Meal in Singapore? Please comment and share below!

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