16 Tasty Thai Fruits You ABSOLUTELY Must Try in Thailand

Thai Fruits

One of our favorite parts of traveling in Thailand is the food, and Thai fruits are a huge part of that! Fruits in Thailand are a diverse mix of juicy and delicious treats that every foodie will love. Fruits in Thailand are not only delicious, but can be a healthy boost to start your day. Here’s some of our favorite Thailand fruit options to try on your visit.

Why Are Thai Fruits So Good?

Thailand fruits are particularly tasty due to the tropical climate and fertile lands around the country. Due to the weather and soil, they may taste much better than you’re used to in places like the United States and Europe. 

While this does apply to other countries in Southeast Asia, we have always found Thailand fruit to be some of the best in the world. They’re also used in many different dishes to enhance the flavor or can be eaten on their own.

As you’ll see in this post, there is so much variety to discover in this part of Thai cuisine. The fruits in Thailand are truly amazing!

Why Are Thai Fruits So Good

Where to Find the Best Thailand Fruits

One main difference we noticed immediately about Thai fruits is how they’re sold. The best places to buy them are at the local markets where they’re brought in fresh daily. 

Of course, you can get them at grocery stores as well like you maybe do in your home country. However, the best Thai fruits are found at the markets or from stands off the street.

​Most Thai markets have an amazing selection of fruit that foodies will love. Really, there isn’t a day that goes by in Thailand when we don’t stop into buy our morning fruits! 

Whenever we’re on the beautiful Thai islands we usually stop at one of the many fruit stands or shops on the way to the beach. If we don’t see one there’s usually a stand with coconuts and other Thai fruits when we get there!

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Best Fruits in Thailand 

What is the National Fruit of Thailand?

Before we dive into our list you should know one fun fact. Mangosteen has been given the title of the national fruit of Thailand, and deservedly so! Also known as the “Queen of Fruits,” Thai Mangosteen comes in a round red shape. Once you peel away the exterior, you’ll get to the white juicy flesh and sweet taste.

Even though it has mango in the name, this Thai fruit couldn’t be more different! Thailand has some of the largest Mangosteen farms in the world, but it’s also sold in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. 

One thing to point out is that not all Thai fruits are grown at the same time. For instance, Mangosteen season is actually from May to August during the rainy season for traveling in Thailand.

National Fruit of Thailand

16 Best Thai Fruits to Try On Your Visit

1. Mangos 

Now that you know about the Queen, let’s move onto the King of Fruits! Mangos are one of our favorite fruits in Thailand and something we eat almost everyday on our visits. 

While our favorites are the yellow and green mango, know that there are many different kinds of this Thai fruit to enjoy. You’ll also find that they’re used in a variety of ways, including in popular desserts like mango sticky rice.

You will not only see these on the islands, but they’re sold by street vendors in cities like Chiang Mai and Bangkok. Unlike the mangosteen, this exotic fruit is best eaten during high season between March and July. 

Best Thai Fruits

2. Coconuts 

Ready to get reenergized?? Coconuts are the perfect fruit for a hot sunny day in Thailand. They’re one of the most popular in the country and one of our favorite things to buy at the beach. 

Something unique about this Thailand fruit is that you drink the juice inside first. When you buy one from the fruit cart, it’s typical for the owner to cut it open for you and put a straw in the top.

The sweet juice provides natural electrolytes and nutrients which can keep you hydrated. They’ve also proven to be great for blood sugar, as well as heart and kidney health. 

One of the best parts about coconuts is also how cheap they are. With the price being just around $1 USD you can literally drink coconuts all day in Thailand!

Once you’re done drinking your coconut you can actually eat the white jelly from the inside. You’ll sometimes get a spoon along with your straw, but if not be sure to ask for one.

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Best Thai Fruits Coconut

3. Passion Fruit 

Onto another one of our favorite fruits of Thailand! Passion fruit has a unique taste that differs from other sweet fruit on this list. The juice inside is more of a sour taste, but is still absolutely delicious! 

The best way to eat this Thai fruit is to cut it directly in half. From there, you can scoop out the seeds and pulp with a spoon. We also love putting them in drinks or smoothies as it can add a great flavor which will tickle your taste buds.

Don’t be confused when you see this Thai fruit at the markets as they can have both yellow and purple skin. Brazil is actually the world’s leading producer of passion fruit so make sure to try it there if you’re going.

Fruits of Thailand

4. Snake Fruit

The first time we saw a snake fruit in Thailand we honestly had no idea what it was. You’d be surprised how often this happens in Southeast Asia as there are so many new items to try!

Don’t be fooled by the prickly red exterior either. Once you crack open the outside it will reveal a small juicy ball of goodness to enjoy. It’s difficult to describe the taste as its like nothing we’ve ever tried before. Yet, just know this little fruit will explode in your mouth!

​Whenever we see this Thai fruit for sale we get so excited and usually buy a whole bag of them to take with us. They can be easily opened with your hands so don’t be surprised when you finish the bag fast.

While they can be found all over the country, this Thai fruit is native to Indonesia. You may also see them if you’re heading to popular islands like Bali or Sumatra

Best Fruits of Thailand

5. Durian 

When it comes to smell, Duran is the stinkiest Thai fruit of them all! Although they can be found on the islands, we have mostly seen them for sale when strolling around the busy streets of Bangkok.

Sometimes, you can even smell them before you see them. In fact, the stench is so bad they’ve even been banned from eating in public places in some countries like Singapore.

Don’t worry though! The durian taste way better than it smells. You should also know that the tropical fruit is extremely nutritious. 

This Thai fruit is massive so they’re usually broken down into smaller packages for purchase. Since it’s one of the more rare and coveted fruits in Thailand it is also the most expensive. You may even see it as an ice cream flavor when shopping at the mini-marts.

The creamy texture is a bit weird and honestly it’s not one of our favorite fruits in Thailand. However, its totally worth a try at least once.

Thai Fruits Guide

6. Langon

Known as Lum Yai in the Thai language, this special Thai fruit something we buy quite frequently on our visits. They’re grown naturally in the cooler climates of Northern Thailand, but you will see them all over the country. 

The small round balls are protected by a stiff brown layer around the outside. After peeling this off you will find a white juicy ball with a black seed in the middle.

The sweet taste is not overpowering and is similar to a grape. Still, you’ll have to trust us when we say how easy it is to go threw a bag in a few minutes!

Thailand Fruits

7. Lychee 

A close relative in the Thailand fruit game to longan is the delicious lychee. The taste is kind of the same with a mix of sweet and sour taste.

The way to tell them apart is that the lychee has a reddish pink colored outside vs the brown of the longan. We really enjoy eating them on their own and they’re also great to have in teas and juices.

Thailand Fruits

More Amazing Thai Fruits

8. Rose Apple 

Apples are one of the least common fruit options found in Thailand. However, there is one that you should definitely taste on your visit! 

The rose apple is not shaped like your typical apple as it’s more slender like a red pepper. Yet, the flavor is that of an apple with a tart and crisp taste.

It’s popular to eat them on their own or in fruit salad mixed together. They’re even used as an ingredient in different varieties of curries and stir fry dishes. 

Amazing Thailand Fruits

9. Star Fruit

This fun Thai fruit has a strange shape that’s tough to ignore. At first glance, you may not know what you’re looking at or why it’s called the star fruit! 

It won’t be until you slice it from the top to bottom you will see where it gets its name from. When this Thailand fruit is ripe it should have a yellowish color with green tips. 

The taste is somewhat sour like pear and goes well in spicy Thai salads. You may also find star fruit in southern china, Philippines, and India.

Thai Fruit Star Fruit

10. Rambutan

Another one of our favorite fruits in Thailand is the rambuton. The unique round fruit separates itself from others with its pink color and hairs extending outwards. 

Just like the langons and lychees, they can be broken open by hand and eaten by the bag. They’re very inexpensive and typically in season during the low tourist months from April through August.  

An interesting fact about this Thai fruit has to do with its name in Thai of ngoh. This comes from the aboriginal group hailing from southern Thailand.

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Best Thai Fruits Guide

11. Dragon Fruit

Ready for another wild pink Thailand fruit? The dragon fruit can be seen at many of the local markets around the Thai islands. 

It has a hard spiky shell surrounding it, but the inside is soft and white with black seeds. The taste is incomparable to other fruits of Thailand, although some say it’s a blend kiwi and pear.

You may be surprised to learn that the dragon fruit is native to South and Central America. It was actually introduced to by the French to Vietnam in the 19th century before making its way throughout Southeast Asia.

Due to their weight, they may cost a bit more than other Thai fruits on this list. However, this can be a special treat to enjoy and take back with you to your accommodation.

Thailand Best Fruit

12. Guava

Guava is something you may have tried before as it’s found all around the world. Yet, once you try this Thailand fruit it might change your life!

The green juicy fruit has a sweet taste that meshes well with its crunchy interior. Just like the dragon fruit, guava came to this part of Asia years ago by way of European traders. 

Today, Thai people have made it their own and often eat it dipped in salt or sugar. It’s also popular to have it in a juice or smoothie and as a mixer for cocktails. 

Thai Fruit Guava

13. Pomelo

Pomelo is one of the largest citrus fruits in the world and it definitely packs a punch! Once you cut open this Thailand fruit you will see it’s soft inside. 

The bitter taste may take you aback at first, but it gets better with each bite. Pomelo is available year-round with the main fruit season being October.

Food in Thailand Pomelo Salad

14. Tamarind

Did you know some of the best Thai food includes tamarind? Typically, the pulp from this Thailand fruit broken down into a paste and used as an ingredient. You may notice the unmistakeable taste in dishes such as pad thai, curries, and tom yum soup.

While it’s very common to use in Thai cooking, know that it’s not really eaten on its own. The largest producer of tamarind is India and it can be found all over Asia.

What's the Best Fruit in Thailand

15. Jackfruit 

One of the largest fruits of Thailand is the incredible jackfruit! Like other fruits of its kind, you can find it at the market chopped up for sale or canned in stores. 

You will often see them piled up in the back of trucks or on the floors of big local markets. Jackfruit is used as a base for many Thai dishes and is a great substitute for those that don’t eat meat. We’ve enjoyed them in everything from salads to burgers, and even made jackfruit tacos for ourselves at home!

Best Thai Fruits Jackfruit

16. Green Papaya 

Last but not least, we have the green papaya. This is something you can eat fresh or along with many great Thai meals. The crispy thick skin makes it enjoyable any time of year, but especially on a hot day during peak season.

One of our all time favorite Thai dishes is the spicy papaya salad. It’s one of the best things to order before you dive into larger meals as it goes great as a cold starter. 

However, know that this dish comes with a warning. At most restaurants they will ask what spice level you want before making your papaya salad. We’ve mistakenly ordered some that were too hot to eat!

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What Are the Best Fruits in Thailand?

Now that you have read our complete list of Thailand fruits we should probably tell you our favorites! To be honest, it’s kind of hard to pick just a few as they’re all so good. 

We eat them at the beach, with breakfast, for dessert, and drink them as juices. As we’ve mentioned, they’re also a key ingredient in so many delicious Thai meals. 

If we had to choose we would go with mangos, rombutans, and lychees. Just know they’re all very unique from each other and totally worth trying!

Best Fruits in Thailand

Have any questions about this article or want to share more of the best Thai fruits? Leave us a comment below!

Safe Travels,
Brigitte & Jake


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